Friday, July 3, 2015

WWE SD 7-2-15

Long Raw recap starts the show. After FOUR MINUTES Seth and the goons come out to talk. Dean came down and fought them all, leading to Bray vs. Dean. Joy. They do their moves. URANAGE ON THE BARRICADE! Abigail for the win. Truth beat Rose, whose gear looks worse than usual. Cena-Cesaro recap. Ryback says words to Cole. Henry talks to Rich Brennan aka Michael Clone. He's a heel this week. Ryback beat Henry with the Shellshock. Brie beats Naomi with an X Factor thanks to Naomi. Bray says words. PTPs beat Ascension. Summer-Rusev are out. Nothing of note here. Seth and Reigns had every match ever and the heels cheated for a DQ loss. What a nothing show.

Screens -

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