Thursday, July 16, 2015

WWE SmackDown 7-9-15

I didn't expect to watch this, but then figured I might as well just to get it done with. Car mangling is recapped for ages. Seth and Heyman have a chat and Seth says he's the champ. Dean beats Bo and Show and Seth talk. Rusev beats Fandango. Show, in a shirt under his singlet for whatever reason, faces Reigns. Bray interferes for a DQ. Titus beats Big E with the Sky High. Seth's car is shown being crushed for some reason. Orton beats up The Ascension. Team Bellas beats Naomi and Tamina. Ryback talks about Seth and they have a pretty fun little match. Ryback wins after Seth leaves voluntarily, and Show attacks before Roman saves. This was a show.

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