Sunday, July 19, 2015

WWE SD 7-16-15

Raw recap. Roman starts with words, and then Bray talks about monuments crumbling on the ground. Great line about Roman asking Bray if he's gonna bring his hammer down, or just keep talking on TV. Lucha Dragons face off with New Day and WE GET TITUS ON COMMENTARY talking about how much more exciting the Battleground match would be with the Dragons in it too. New Day wins with the Big Ending/DDT out of a quebrada catch. Roman and Dean have a nice, friendly chat about the main event tonight. Swagger gets squashed by Barrett.

Cesaro has a fantastic match with Rusev, which has a ton of fun exchanges. Cesaro catches him with an uppercut...sorta and getting the Neutralizer for the win! MORE OF THIS, and better yet, make it for the IC Title. They put over Cesaro as being only the second man in WWE to beat Rusev, and it was just in this random match on a random SD. Neville beats Fuck Off Stardust with a cradle. Raw is Divas thing airs and Sasha's team is Team BAD. Show and Sheamus vs. 2/3 Shield is up as the main event. Dean DDTs Show through the announce table out of a chokeslam. Roman beats Sheamus with the spear.

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