Wednesday, July 8, 2015

ROH 7-8-15


Fantastic Jay vs. Jay video package sets up tonight's show. DALTON CASTLE faces Watanabe in the opener. FAN UP time and they even try to FAN UP Watanabe before Castle tells him they're HIS BOYS. God, this act is so great - he'd be set as the new Santino. BACK AND FORTH SMALL PACKAGE before Dalton gets a deadlift German for 2. Wacky spinning facebuster wins for Castle. Castle is overjoyed by all the boys in the building and after BITW, there's only one real man in ROH. LOLing at him lying down on the boys.

Nigel brings out Lethal and Martini along with the whole House of Truth. Corino calls Lethal-Briscoe the best match he's ever seen. Corino points out that the World TV Title has no sticker on it, so it's again the World TV Championship. Fans chant "you deserve it" to Jay, and boy does he ever. Truth says yeah, you appreciate him, but you're not his people - the House is. Lethal says that ROH is the top company in the world because he is its world champion. Nigel asks which of the two titles he would like to vacate, and makes a point that he should vacate the World title since he made the TV Title on the level of the World title.

Lethal says he earned them both, so he isn't vacating any of them. To be Undisputed champion, he has to defend them both. Nigel says okay, but he may have to defend both titles on one night. At Death Before Dishonor, he's defending the World title and on TV next week, he's defending the TV Title against Mark Briscoe. Now Lethal is against it! Ha! Lethal hates the cheers because he knows he's the greatest. Roderick comes down to a nice "Roddy" chant, leading to a dueling Roddy/Lethal chant. Main event is up next.


THE KINGDOM STARRING MARIA is out. I love Taven swimming on the apron. Maria talks about BITW and it not being Cole's fault - they've been busy traveling the world. She's the leader of the Kingdom and believes in Cole - tonight, they'll prove why they'll never fall. Code of Honor is adhered to - it's time for a fun six man tag with the Kingdom against reDRagon and Elgin. Faces get a super-fun bit where reDRagon gets submissions while Elgin has someone in a super-duper long delayed vertical suplex. Nice bit with Elgin fighting out of the heel corner with punches and elbows - outside of a phantom elbow that he throws to the air. Elgin gets a hot tag, and Taven eats wacky double team moves. A Cole superkick prevents more wackiness.

Elgin gets 2/3 of the Kingdom up for a delayed DOUBLE SAMOAN DROP. Backpack stunner into a sick kick hit Elgin. Cole and Bennett are low-bridged and reDRagon dives on them. Elgin tosses Taven onto the pile on the floor! Chasing the Dragon into a TRIPLE SUPERBOMB for 2 due to a save. Cole gets a shitty Destryoer and a spike piledriver gets 2. Elgin backdrops out of another Destroyer. Cole and Fish go at it and the McGuinness lariat hits for 2 and CHASING THE DRAGON WINS! Cole leaves with the faces - dun dun dun! THIS SHOW RULED!

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