Saturday, July 4, 2015

WWE Presents Brock Lensar: Beast in the East!

The show begins with the Raw hype video for the show blended in with new clips showcasing the Balor-Owens rivalry. Cole welcomes us to Sumo Hall as Chris Jericho comes down for his match. Jericho's in great shape and Cole is commentating with Byron. Cole talks about how Jericho got his career going in Japan. Neville is out and this should be a really fun match. Pre-match shots of Jericho show that he's now got a whole sleeve tattoo on his left arm now.

Match One - Chris Jericho vs. Neville

Cole starts the match talking about the time Jericho spent in FMW. Did the Thrillseekers work there a lot? I know he worked regularly in WAR, but I'm not sure about FMW. A Let's Go Neville/Y2J dueling chant begins during a tie-up. Jericho grounds him with a wacky lucha submission into a surfboard. Byron talks about Jericho not doing much in the ring, so he can focus on what's hip - so not WWE then. Cole talks about Neville being in Dragon Gate. Neville gets a pushing dropkick, but gets a triangle dropkick sending him to the floor.

Jericho locks on a chinlock, but Neville gets 2 off a schoolboy. Jericho sends him down with an elbow and another chinlock. Double sledge off the top from Jericho sets up the bulldog. Liontamer is teased, but Neville flips out of it. Slew of kicks set up a top rope attack, but Jericho crotches him. Jericho goes for a superplex, but Neville blocks. Jericho gets the Liontamer out of countering a rana, but Neville gets to the ropes.

Neville low-bridges Jericho to the floor, where he eats a Fosbury flop! Mid-ring standing SSP gets 2 for Neville. Neville lands a swank chop/kick combo, but Jericho fights back with a big forearm. Jericho holds back on a dropkick attempt from Neville and lands a lionsault for 2! COCKY KICKS TO THE FACE FROM JERICHO! Love it! Neville flips to the top, but eats a Codebreaker springing off the top! Big German from Neville leads to a pair of superkicks. Red Arrow is set up, but he eats knees and a Liontamer for the win!

Brock enters the building in jeans and a shirt, looking like a badass even then. Dusty stories show coming after Raw. Divas title triple threat is up, with Paige out first looking fantastic. Tamina's out. Ugh. Cole talks about "Bull Nukuna" winning the womens title in Japan in '94.

Match Two - Paige vs. Tamina vs. Nikki

Everyone does random stuff for 2 counts. Alabama slam is countered into a sunset flip for 2. Tamina powerbombs the tower of doom for nothing, since the ref is looking at Paige. Back to back 2s. Alabama slam hits Paige for 2. Rampaige hits for 2. PTO is on, but Tamina superkicks her. Superfly dive misses, but the forearm hits for the win.

Brock hype video is recycled, and is fantastic. Kofi Kingston comes out after hopefully getting his affairs in order. Crowd goes crazy for Brock's theme hitting. It's bizarre seeing Brock in a house show setting. Goddammit - even this gets a damned Raw recap. I don't want to watch Raw recaps - I want to see Brock destroy a man. 

Match Three - Brock Lesnar vs. Kofi Kingston

Cole talks about Brock being an IWGP Champion a decade ago. Kofi paces on the floor and Brock chases him, but Kofi's punches are met with big knees. Kofi dropkicks out of a powerslam and then gets a springboard dropkick! Kofi dropkicks the knee, but eats a GIGANTIC German after flipping out of one earlier. DEADLIFT GERMAN! THIRD GERMAN! F5 hits and it's over. This was exactly what it needed to be. BUT THERE'S MORE. DEADLIFT GERMAN! Crowd chants ONE MORE TIME and Kofi gets another F5. NEW DAY'S OUT! F5 to each man. I want Brock vs. Big E on Raw.

Owens vs. Balor is next. Matt Bloom talks about Balor being huge in Japan and not getting to WWE without Japan. Kevin says his son loves the Demon, but it takes more than crawling around to beat him. Balor pins Owens on NXT, which seemingly means Owens retains here. Balor gets the full demon intro and has kanji on his back now. Finn's interpretive dance intro is a tad much. I love the lighting and theme and overall presentation though. NXT Takeover is coming to Barclays the day before Summerslam. HA! Owens tosses out the pre-match flowers!


Match Four - Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens

They've swapped out the WWE Live ring skirt for an NXT ring skirt. Balor's dashing dropkick leads to a double stomp, but Owens avoids, goes to the floor and eats a dive. Balor baseball slides him down and gets a dashing dropkick against the barricade. Balor's red and black leg paint is a bit odd, but cool-looking. Chops from Balor land, but the champ gets 2 off the kryptonite crunch. Owens chops him in the corner. Cole talks about Balor being an IWGP Junior and Junior Tag Team champion. OWENS BOWS! Ha! Cole talks about WWE being live from Japan for the first time ever, as Raw is tape-delayed.

Owens chinlock sets up a big shot and a smash into the steps. Kevin gets another chinlock and says he hates this country and everyone in it. Owens hits Cena's comeback, but he eats a takedown>double stomp to the face. BALOR GETS THE PELE KICK! Flip dive on the floor from Balor! Balor gets the inverted Bloody Sunday for 2! Owens comes back and gets the cannonball for 2. Package sideslam gets 2, and Owens now has that move down smoothly.

Slingblade hits for Balor and he goes for the double stomp, but Owens clutches the leg! Apron pop-up kick hits for Balor. Big double stomp hits and OWENS KICKS OUT! Crowd chants for Bloody Sunday, but Balor lands a ton of corner punches. They go up top and exchange shots. Balor avoids a super Steenizer and gets a big kick. FINLAY ROLL OFF THE SECOND ROPE FOR OWENS gets 2! Swanton is met with knees. BLOODY SUNDAY DEBUTS IN WWE  FOR 2.9! SUPERKICK PARTER HITS BALOR and a nasty chinlock suplex gets 2. Owens is shocked and slaps Balor around. Punches and kicks lead to a pop-up tease, but Balor gets a lariat! Owens is sent into the corner and eats a hesitation dropkick! DOUBLE STOMP HITS AGAIN AND BALOR WINS THE TITLE! Fujinami comes down, or as Cole calls him "Fujiyami" and raises Balor's hand.

Seth will be on TE on Tuesday. Cole rambles on about "Fujiyami" and "Tokyo Hall" as he was honored in Japan. Main event is up. It's Barrett and Kane vs. Cena and Dolph. Kane's out after Barrett, then Dolph and Cena. Based on the network feed, this is going for 25 I'm skipping large portions of this.

Match Five - Barrett and Kane vs. Cena and Dolph Ziggler

Of course I FF to a chinlock. Royal elbow off the second rope to Cena gets 2. Kane suplexes Dolph for 2. Love Barrett running wild with strikes to Dolph in the corner. Kane stomps away on Dolph and Barrett comes in with punches. Cena hits AAs thanks to Dolph and wins. Cena celebrates the win. Everything but the main event was worthwhile. WATCH THIS SHOW!

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