Thursday, March 31, 2016

NXT 3-30-16

It's the go-home show for Takeover...and I fell asleep after LU because work just tired me out so much. This is a pretty squash-heavy show, so it should be a breeze to get through. American Alpha beats a pair of jobbers, and Gable saves one of them from certain doom as he tried to spin into the back suplex of the finisher and Gable just caught him and moved him into the proper position. The Revival is unamused and Corey is in an amazing white suit. Finn talks about beating Joe in Dallas. Crews faces Riley and Bull faces Joe.

Corbin squashes a dude. Excellent highlight reel for Nakamura using RevPro clips and NJPW pics. Dubstep video for No Way Jose. Revival squashes two jobbers, including a pretty fat dude. Fatty eats the shatter machine for the loss. American Alpha watches them like the Revival did to them earlier. Bull cuts a hilarious promo about being in better shape than Joe and Joe just being jealous. Joe is gonna learn that Fit Happens. Crews squashes Riley, who looks just awful now. Corey points out that he looks like he needs a good night's sleep. That and a shave and a haircut. The Drifter sings a song to Crews. Baron and his receding hairline talk shit about Austin Aries and tells him that he'll send him back to pleasing crowds in front of 50 with his fighting spirit, and when he's done with Aries, he can go sell photos of Corbin beating him next to Virgil at some convention. Glorious!


AWESOME BAYLEY HYPE VIDEO about how she IS women's wrestling and God is it so sad that this is going to be her peak and not the main roster. Speaking of which, ASUKA KICKING ASS RECAP VIDEO. Emma swore for the first time on WWE TV in this, saying that Bayley isn't ready for the ass-kicking she'll get at Takeover. Sami talks about the Nakamura match for a bit. Joe runs through Bull with his by-the-numbers house show match. Joe chokes him out, then re-chokes him after the match with Regal yelling at Joe. Finn saves him and they brawl around ringside. Joe tosses him into Graves before Finn dives off the table onto Joe with a big forearm.

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