Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mid-South Wrestling 12-19-81

Boyd Pierce is in an astounding yellow suit along with Ted DiBiase in a maroon leather jacket looking like Ryo Hazuku. Ted is North American Champion here and they talk about him being able to hang on from the reversed figure four leglock. Tom Renesto Jr. is mid-ring to face Brian Blair in a shockingly colorful getup. Blair gets a series of armdrags and arm locks before getting a flying elbow smash off the second rope. This gets 2, before a suplex and a figure four end it. It's a bit odd to have Ted's finisher used here, but it does show it as a good hold in the hands of another person.

"Precious" Paul Ellering faces Don Serrano next. Paul is doing his Superstar Graham deal, only he's in a sweater vest and a shiny blue tie and yellow and white tie dye trunks. Paul says that there's $1,000 floating here in the stratosphere! He talks about liking footlong hotdogs and laughing at his own joke. So I guess the footlong thing was a joke and he wants to take on the Iron Sheik's challenge. Paul is on quite a bit of gas here, while Don is...probably not. Paul is quite slow and they talk about how Paul coming back from a knee injury and being without money means the $1,000 challenge could help him a lot. Don does a cartwheel over a duck-down and gets 2 off a small package. Paul hits a big knee lift to the gut and an elbow drop. He lands a few of those, chops, a back elbow and wins with a neckbreaker.

JYD faces Mike Boyer, who has an incredible fro. JYD is lean here and in powder blue - not as good a look as the red and white. JYD hits a headbutt, and of course since he's black, this sends Boyer to the floor. JYD hits a forearm and ends it with the thump. Short and sweet. Now here's an interesting team - Orton and Orndorff, long before WM 1, as a team facing The Monk and Carlos Zapata. Orton gets a nice lead and kneels in front of Zapata so Paul can attack. Guys need to steal that spot. Orton hits a HIGH FLYING FULL RING LENGTH DROPKICK according to Boyd. Orton and Paul hit a shoulder-mount powerslam and a flying elbow before Orndorff wins with the figure four - further getting that over as a deadly move.

Mike George vs. Bob Roop is up and they go for some basic wrestling before doing some full nelson buckle smashes. Lots of chinlocks before Roop does a neat inverted cravate for an eye rake. Mike gets a Russian legsweep for 2. George lands a pair of dropkicks for 2. Roop hits a sloppy flying knee in the corner to win. Ed Wiskowski faces Mike Bond next. Ed walks, stops, plods, kicks, and wins with a pendulum backbreaker. The Iron Sheik faces Frank Monte next, but first, we have Reeser talk about Paul accepting the club challenge. The deal is that Sheik must do double what Paul does or pay him $1,000. Paul does 50, so Akbar says THEY GOT A MATCH, SO HE'LL DO THIS AFTER, and he'll double the money!

Sheiky hits a throat thrust before headbutting the gut. Sheik gets a bearhug before a bell clap ends that. Sheik hits a slick deadlift German suplex to end it. Man was he awesome when he could go. Akbar says he'll do this...NEXT WEEK because time is up. Well, that was a fun show and it got two major things over - the figure four is the deadliest hold in wrestling and the Shiek vs. Ellering deal.

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