Tuesday, May 23, 2017

WWE SD 5-23-17

Jinder arrives with his goons and his title. Shane announces MITB. AJ, Dolph, Sami, Baron, KO, and Nakamura come down. JBL calls Nakamura the most unique superstar ever. After a bunch of chatting, they're all announced for MITB. The heels and faces take sides and by golly, I'm predicting a six man tag. Nope. Basic tag. Nattie and Carmella are mid-ring to face Charlotte and Becky. Becks taps Carmella with the armbar. Baron beats Sami senseless on the barricade with elbows to end their match by either DQ, countout, or something.

 AJ and Nakamura chat and Nak says that he'll turn AJ's house into his playground. The Fashion Police meet with Shane and they turn in their badges and water guns - which are loaded. Awesome. Tyler starts stripping his pants off but Shane tells them that they're good and they'll each face the Usos in singles matches. Jinder has his big celebration and JBL puts him over in ridiculous fashion and talks about the 1.3 billion people in India, to make this even more transparent.

Tyler beats an Uso with a squirt gun and Fandango beats the other with a distraction cradle. We get a tag title match and the Usos retain quickly with a splash. Well, they had SOMETHING with the Fashion Police tonight and then killed their momentum again. Shane announces a fatal 5 way next week with the winner facing Naomi at MITB. The tag match is fast-paced, but nothing too amazing. A parade of finishers leads to the kinshasa on KO to end it.

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