Tuesday, May 2, 2017

WWE SD 5-2-17

Shane brings out Jericho, which leads to AJ coming out and almost making the list - but due to KO's interruption, he doesn't. KO bullies AJ and tells him to get out of his ring - so they brawl. Jinder beats Sami with the One and Only cobra clutch slam. Dolph is jealous of a Nakamura video. Aiden English sings. Tye squashes English, who cries backstage with Jericho. Jericho praises his singing and hairy chest - but crying forces him to make the list. Char-lotte. Says. Words and gets beaten up by the heels. She can't come out right away for the tag, but does, but the heels win anyway and the faces eat another beating.

Tamina kicks Becky hard. Dolph faces Sin Cara in a ridiculous-looking bodysuit. Superkick wins it for Dolph. We get a wacky Law and Order video for the Fashion Police IN 2017. Owens beats Jericho in a better version of their PPV match to regain the title and beats his ass with a chair afterwards. Good stuff - they told a perfect story with these guys overall.

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