Sunday, May 21, 2017

WWE Backlash 2017

We get a nice hype video for the top three major matches. Ziggler vs. Nakamura is the opener - so they're going with the best spot other than the final spot is the opener for Nakamura. Dolph's theme is used to introduce the 5,000 foreign announce teams. A giant NAKAMURA chant breaks out before his intro. Nakamura's intro is nothing special here. Dolph takes his own pulse, which is great. Nakamura gets outwrestled to start, but lands some fast-action matwork of his own. Big knee and a fakeout kick hit for Nak. Dolph gets 2 off a schoolboy, but Nakamura turns it into a triangle before Dolph gets to the ropes. Dolph hits the jumping DDT for 2.

A fameasser gets 2 for Dolph and he goes for the superkick, which is ducked, then the kinshasa is ducked and the Zig Zag gets 2. Dolph does JBL's cigar burn bit on the back before eating a backdrop off a piledriver tease. Superkick to the neck hits hard. Dolph spits in his face, so Nak kicks and forearms him to death. Grounded knees to the ribs leads to a knee to the head. Dolph avoids the middle rope knee, but the inverted exploder hits and the Kinshasa ends it. This was a pretty damn good match.

A Fashion Files skit airs here on PPV to kill time. Breeze has the mop, which gets its own chant and the Usos are not amused. Breeze defends himself with the mop while JBL says it can't possibly be legal. Tyler is an awesome babyface in peril, but Dango is solid in that role too. Tyler goes out and dresses as a grandma. LET'S GO GRANDMA is more over than half the roster. Granny Breeze's dresses gets thrown on JBL, who said he used to have to pay for that. JBL complains about being bullied and JBL blames Kerwin Silfies. Breeze tags in and eats a demolition decapitation for 2.5. An Uso accidentally superkicks another one, leading to an unprettier for a huge pop and a 2.5 - should've been the finish. Usos do a switch and toss Tyler into the crowd. DANGO HITS A FLIP DIVE! Dango eats a superkick and ends it - this greatly over-delivered. This was an amazing little match for what it was.
Sami-Baron recap leads to their match. Sami has new gear, but his theme is used for MORE FUCKING ANNOUNCERS. Sami gets bullied around a bit to start, but gets an edge on the floor. Baron bullies him mid-ring, leading to Sami begging and fighting. Baron hits a slick, explosive lariat for 2.5. Sami gets a surprising win by hitting a high kick and then the helluva kick! BARON'S MEGAPUSH CONTINUES.

An annoying Rocket Knight video airs before the Singh brothers prepare a rug for Jinder to step onto from his limo. He is dressed in a suit and does look the part of a main eventer. CHICAGO IS FULL OF HATERS. AMERICA IS FULL OF HATERS! A CM Punk chant breaks out. Ellsworth comes out for the worthless six woman tag match. Everyone does their signature stuff and Becky taps to Nattie. K. Owens-AJ hype video airs and sets their match up perfectly.

Byron has US Title history lessons here, and JBL buries him for not mentioning himself. Owens and AJ go for some headlock grinding, but KO gets an edge with some cheap shots. Chinlock city gives KO another edge, while two sentons give him a solid 2 count. AJ hits the blitz and the ushigoroshi gets 2.5. KO hits a superkick and the pumphandle neckbreaker gets 2. They exchange big shots before KO stuns AJ on the rope. They tease an apron clash, but KO smashes the knee into the post and then he gets sent in the barricade.

Cannonball leads to a cannonball to the knee, then a half-crab and then an ankle lock! KO sends AJ up, but eats a sunset bomb. AJ's knee gives out for the forearm, so KO does Mick's double arm DDT for 2. KO slaps away, but eats a Pele! SUPER SIDEWINDER SUPLEX GETS 2. AJ SUPLEXES KO ON THE APRON! AJ is tossed into the timekeeper's area, but hits the forearm. AJ goes for the clash on the table, but like Randy, he gets his leg caught and KO wins by countout. Excellent match and a great setup for a rematch.

Minor recap of Harper vs. Rowan leads to their match. They have another nothing match. Rowan misses a flying splash. Harper hits a suicide dive before a rana and superkick. Discus lariat ends it. Now they're 50/50. Great. They hype up the Raw PPV and we get a recap of the rise of Jinder and he really does have some good facial expressions. Jinder comes out and looks intense. They brawl around ringside before the match before hitting a protoplex on Jinder on the announce table. Jinder locks on armbars before eating more beatings and Jinder gets a Regal cutter for 2. The Singhs speak Punjabi, so they get beaten up. They save Jinder and they talk about they need to be kicked out. Jinder hits the cobra clutch slam and he WINS THE TITLE! Fans are shocked and why not. This is at least something new and far better than Orton.

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