Thursday, May 11, 2017

NXT 5-10-17

The show starts off with a rundown of the main event, and Black is out to face a guy named Cezar. Black just kicks him down, sends him out, lands a sick flying knee, and hits the black mask for the KO. Asuka is shown beating up Ember, who says that she'll be better than ever. NXT on the download festival is shown and we get a Ruby Riot video. She says she's been defined by her tattoos, but they all tell a story. She talks about missing weddings and graduations and making sacrifices to get here. Nikki cuts a wacky promo on Ruby attacking a sound guy, then just hopping on the chair and calling her out and bopping the mic. Nikki has amazing faces here and this was awesome.

Drew talks about his 16 YEAR CAREER and making things happen for himself. Wesley Blake interrupts so they can have a match at Takeover and Drew can destroy him. DIY cuts a promo before Tino and Riddick interrupt. A pretty fun tag match happens with Riddick eating the knee/superkick finish. They got a chance to shine and did so...briefly. Regal makes AOP vs. DIY and has surprisingly good chemistry with Regal. DIY will face AOP in a ladder match at Takeover.

Ohno chats with Almas and says that Almas gives up chances, but he'll give him one next week. Tyler vs. Dunne is showcased for Takeover and Roddy comes out to face Itami. Itami gets the early lead, and lands some nasty chest kicks. Strong works on the bad shoulder before hitting a sick backbreaker on the apron for an ad break. Roddy catches him off the corner yakuza kick and gets 2 off a backbreaker. Itami hits a sloppy super falcon arrow for 2.5. Okay, these TOO SWEET chants after 2 need to go away. Roddy is out of it and eats a GTS - so Itami goes on to face Roode. This was the best Itami has looked in WWE so far - good stuff.

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