Thursday, May 18, 2017

WWE 24 - Finn Balor

We start off with Finn walking backstage in April of this year. Finn, of course credits his two years in NXT with who he has become as a wrestler and person and without it, he wouldn't have been in the main event of Summerslam. They recap the injury and he says he had to grit through it or else be known as a guy who fucked up his big debut and he knew he'd feel it the next day. He talks about holding the belt with his right hand so he wouldn't have to lift his right hand, but he couldn't. He decided to lift it once just to do it, and that really had to be a bad idea.

He talks about being tended to covered in paint and being unable to move his arm. Neville and Sami talk about being his friends and bringing him food if he needs it. KO says that Fergal was being positive and they had dinner. KO talks about having surgery in 2015 and Fergal making him feel better before and after surgery. The scans showed a 3-4 month recovery time and he didn't knock off any bone.

The surgery was planned for an hour - but the MRI didn't show the full damage. He was under for about eight hours, and did tear off bone and detached his pec and biceps. In October, he started doing basic stretches with light weights. And boy howdy did his shrink to about 180 pounds. He watches Raw and then goes back to Ireland for an OTT show.

It's surreal to see OTT footage on a WWE documentary. He enjoyed going home and got to be there for the holidays. We get some footage of him as a youngster looking like a total goofball. He talks about going from Ireland and going to Japan. He shows a Kings of Pro Wrestling poster with he and Nakamura while Matt Bloom talks about how the stiff style worked for him, while Gallows talks about the connection he had with fans in Japan.

He shows off a Karl Anderson shirt and a rare photo of KARL ANDERSON WITH HAIR. Fergal and Anderson are opposites, but a perfect match. We get some footage of the Bullet Club and BAD LUCK FALE MAKES HIS WWE DOCUMENTARY DEBUT. Fergal also shows off the original Bullet Club shirt design, which is pretty slick. It's not as iconic, but it's definitely good. Anderson talks about making the Bullet Club to do NWO stuff mid-ring now.

 HHH is shown doing the 2 sweet bit with the NXT guys, because of course. He goes to the Fight Factory gym to share stories and help young guys out. He goes to a bar, where someone says that Jericho "your a stupid idiot! on the list. He bonds with his friends and family and we go back to Florida with him training in January. A montage to "Believer" by Imagine Dragons could have made him a star instantly on Raw. Or hell, just condense this down and use that song. Finn and Karl facetime and Finn mocks him for his devil beard he's rocking.

Finn and Seth bond a bit when Seth is out due to his knee injury earlier this year, and gives him a wacky card. He goes backstage and gets hugs from Cass and KO. His house show return is shown and he says he was rusty, but glad to be back. He's crushed to not be at Mania, and Seth tells him he'll be at every 'Mania after that and it will work out better in the long run. His Raw return is shown and he says that the injury made him grateful for what he's had.

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