Tuesday, May 16, 2017

WWE SD 5-16-17

Pyro starts us off for a KO Highlight Reel. AJ says he can't believe he stole his show and KO says he didn't steal it - he's just showing that he can do it better. Jinder comes out to silence and AJ tells him to focus on tonight's match or he won't make it to Sunday. AJ plays a fine babyface in peril, but not even AJ can get a good match out of him. It's solid though. Thanks to a KO attack on the knee, Jinder hits the cobra clutch slam and wins it. Breezango mocks the Usos' DAY ONE ISH shirts. Breezango beats the Colons and the Usos cut an intense promo. Naomi and Becky meet with Charlotte for a contract signing.

The heel women are mid-ring and Shane gives the babyfaces an intro. After eons, we get a signing and Ellsworth cuts a hood promo on Shane and Becky saying that he's taken, DUH! Carmella's also gonna steal Naomi's glow, DUH! Naomi faces Carmella and kicks her ass, literally, a lot. Carmella beats her with a distraction cradle. Shocking. Dolph cuts an intense promo on Nakamura - good stuff. Sami cuts a promo on Baron, who kicks his ass. Orton beats Baron in a nothing match. Baron's megapush continues! Jinder kicks his ass afterwards and holds the title high - thank God he's not getting the belt.

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