Saturday, May 20, 2017

NXT Takeover Chicago - Itami vs. Roode

EY vs. Roderick Strong starts off, with Roddy jumping Sanity beforehand. They have a perfectly fine match, with Nigel doing an excellent job of putting Roddy over. Roddy hits a jumping knee and a suplex into a double-knee backbreaker ends it. The UK Title tourney is recapped and Jim Ross comes down to call the action. A Bruiserweight/Tyler Bate dueling chant breaks out during some British technical stuff on the mat. Dunne nails Bate with a giant forearm on the floor before an X PLEX ON THE APRON HITS. Jesus. Dunne eats a waterwheel takedown. Dunne hits a nasty corner knee, but eats a standing SSP to the back and then a modified German with a schoolboy-esque cover for 2.

Dunne locks on a triangle choke before Bate gets a Backlund lift and powerbombs him down. AIRPLANE SPIN BY BATE! Dunne lands a big forearm shot off a crossbody and then an orange crush gets 2. The crowd loses their shit on that one. They duke it out and Dunne loses that war. Dunne eats a koppu kick, but lands a punt. Tyler goes for the Tyler Driver, but Dunne turns it into a Bitter End, that is then turned into a DDT by Bate! Dunne sidesteps a deadman dive! BITTER END FINISHES IT!

Ruby comes out first, then Nikki before Asuka struts out. Nikki is sent out to start, but gets a Regal cutter. Asuka hits her with a missile dropkick before a kneeling kick combo gets 2. Asuka is sent out briefly allowing Ruby to get 2 on Nikki with a senton off the top. Cross saves Ruby from an Asuka Lock to not end this thing. Reverse DDT ON THE APRON BY CROSS TO RUBY! Nikki traps Asuka in the ring skirt and forearms her to bits. Nikki is KOed by Ruby's Pele, but Asuka hits a shining wizard to Ruby to pin them both - fun, but nothing too amazing.

Itami comes out for his title match while Roode gets a tron piano intro. Roode eats a PK to start and goes into the post hard shoulder-first. Roode eats a falcon arrow for 2, but a Roode spinebuster gets 2. Itami hits a big hesitation dropkick, but he goes for the GTS, but his knee gives out. The Glorious DDT hits and gets 2.5! Itami hits a desperation GTS, but Roode falls to the floor. Roode hits another impaler DDT before hitting another one in a chain to win it. Good, but not great match.

AOP vs. DIY is the main event, so good on everyone here. AOP has improved tremendously, while DIY just came in as freelancers and got full-time gigs off it. DIY uses speed and the barricades to hit some stuff and get a bit of a lead. Johnny hits a suicide dive to both guys through a ladder. AOP goes for the collider, but DIY climbs the ladders, and get stopped. AOP bonks them with the ladder and go for stereo powerbombs off the apron through ladders, but DIY avoids it. DIY drops them on the ladders, climbs another ladder and hit splashes through one ladder and almost through another one. Johnny goes for the belts, but Ellering gets involved - so he eats a superkick! Johnny eats a beating and then eats a ladder to the jaw to save Ciampa!

Ciampa German's Razar through a ladder! DIY MEETS IN THE MIDDLE WITH A LADDER! DIY goes up, but eats a Super Collider and that ends it. This was the best match on the show easily, and then Ciampa beats the shit out of Johnny on the ramp! RUNNING KNEE ON THE INTERVIEW STAGE! KRYPTONITE KRUNCH OFF THE ANNOUNCE TABLE THROUGH TABLES! Ciampa stood tall while they showed some laughing and some in shock. They have been teasing issues for months, but these guys are way more valuable as a team - especially on the main roster.

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