Tuesday, May 30, 2017

WWE SD 5-30-17

KO's highlight reel starts things off with him bragging about how Jericho made MITB - but he'll do what Chris never did and actually win it. Promo parade time with Nakamura, Baron, and Sami and then a brawl breaks out. I smell a tag match. Baron is a fine bully in there with Sami, while Nakamura kicks away at KO. Kinshasa KOs Owens, to further their issue and either tease a US Title run for Nakamura, or maybe an MITB case win with KO knocking Nakamura off the ladder. Usos chat for a bit before NEW DAY RETURNS and talks about what goes in jail and then they quote the Booty Warrior about likesen 'em and doing it the easy way or the hard way. New Day faces them at MITB and we see Dolph prep backstage for his AJ main event. Dolph's jacket works for him - looks good.

Jinder celebration recap shows worldwide headlines making him come off like a huge star. The Fashion Files go film noir with Dango in a trenchcoat and now he and Breeze can hear each other's thoughts. Fatal five way never gets going due to a big brawl with Becky hitting a nasty exploder on the floor to Carmella. Charlotte powerbombs Nattie through the announce table - which seems like something you'd put on the PPV and not here. Everyone is out so Shane comes down and says that at MITB, they'll have the first female superstar MITB match for the SD Women's Title.

Breezango beats the Colons when they fight over a mop and so Dango gives it up, so the Unprettier wins. Orton says that Jinder has earned the right to receive an all-American Orton family ass-whipping and he'll regain his title at MITB. Jinder appears on the tron and says that Randy is like America - talking about a bygone era and he says Orton is living on his past. Well, he's not wrong. Dolph comes out and we see his cash-in against Alberto. Hey, he was a star! And that was almost HALF A DECADE AGO. AJ's out in his new, slick red and black gear. AJ has had some of the best gear in the business for the past decade. Dolph wins a shockingly short match with a superkick. Well by golly, Dolph actually feels somewhat reheated here.

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