Tuesday, May 9, 2017

WWE SmackDown 5-9-17

Jinder is hyped up looking ungodly jacked and also attacking Randy at Payback. Orton, a 13-TIME WORLD CHAMPION somehow, comes down. Orton cuts a promo on the fridge, and also Jinder. Jinder comes down and talks about taking what he'll win - and showing off photos of him wearing the title. So then there's really no benefit to having him actually winning it - just show off the shots of him wearing it. He talks about speaking to his people before Kevin Owens comes out as the face of America...he's a heel, right?

Owens brags about ending Jericho and says he'll end AJ at Backlash before moving on and beating Orton for the WWE Title. I like this - he has his title, and he's fine with that - but he also wants the WWE Title too so he can be the face of WWE, which I guess is bigger than America. He cuts his promo in French as well before AJ cuts a promo in Southern. A fan dressed in a ref shirt leads an AJ chant. Baron comes down, then Sami. I smell a giant tag match for later. Yup - HOLLA HOLLA!

The Welcoming Committee is out and insults Naomi, who brings out Becky, who then brings out Charlotte. She brags about not needing anyone to introduce her...HOW IS SHE A FACE!? Nattie beats Becky by pulling her off the second rope. Really now? Lana dances and shows off her legs. Charlotte and Naomi bicker before Becky tries to make peace.

The Fashion Files occur with wacky Cheerios jokes. They hear shouting and go to save - but The Ascension is just beating each other up. Tyler says he's too old for this shite. Rowan has a bad match with Harper, and beats him with a shitty twirling rewind powerslam. Dolph yammers on about Nakamura, who comes out and almost brawls with him - but Dolph says they'll fight at Backlash. Dolph jumps him and elbows him, before nearly falling out of his pants. Nakamura hits a PRIDE knee before sending him packing.

Sami is all neurotic backstage and annoys his partners. He does their big victory celebration verbally, but they leave. A neat video game version of a hype video airs for New Day. The Fashion Police squash the Ascension. Hey, they're over in England - so this wacky push kind of works here and it works now. Usos cut a promo on them before Kendrick cuts a promo on Tozawa for 205 Live. Mojo chats with some kids about Andre the Giant and references Hogan by name. Mojo talks about Andre being different and being bullied and used what made him different and made himself special. He shows off his trophy to the kids. This was something - but could get Mojo over with kids.

Rusev cuts a Skype promo about demanding a shot at the WWE Title at MITB, or he'll leave and go home. Heels come out, then the faces. Jinder looks okay in there with Sami, briefly. Baron hits an awesome backdrop to AJ for 2. Everyone does big moves, and Orton RKOs KO. The cobra clutch slam hits and Jinder beats Orton. So Orton will retain, and they've already got their promo shots of Jinder to help get him over in Inida.

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