Wednesday, May 31, 2017

NXT 5-31-17

NXT has a new buttrock theme. Ciampa blames the fans for his injury and his attack on Johnny. He talks about being hurt before Takeover and the fans already looking for replacements for him. He isn't an afterthought, and they had something special with DIY - but the fans ruined it, and if he's going away for a while, then so is Johnny Wrestling. He's 32 and this ring isn't replaceable! Ohno and Strong face EY and Wolfe. Dunne faces Burch later.

Roode is driven around and is lit in a way that makes him look 45. Dunne and Burch have a nice armlock exchange, but Dunne stomps on the head. Burch lands a big headbutt for 2, but a snap Saito suplex gives Dunne an edge and the X Plex gets 2. Burnch hits a desperation spike DDT for 2. Bitter End beats Burch. Dunne says he's tired of watching a boy carry his title, and he issues a statement to "the United Kingdom brand". Okay. The Velveteen Dream says some words. Okay then.

Ellering narrates a cool AOP video package. Almas dominates Ceasar Bonane, but he gets cocky and loses via small package. The new mean girls do a video and Ember RUINS IT. After Takeover, Hideo destroys the locker room and cusses out Ohno, who actually looks slim in a suit. They shake hands outside the building today, and Itami faces Oney next week. Ohno has new Sixers-inspired checkerboard gear. The checkerboards don't flatter him, but the gear itself is baggy and a big improvement. Jose counteracts Damo and allows the faces to take control. A big discus elbow hits and the suplex/backbreaker beats EY.

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