Monday, June 10, 2013

Raw 6-10-13

Good lord, it's now 10:55 and they've doing a Ryback Rampage video as well. This show will just never end. Bunch of geeks came out to further the Ryback-Cena deal while Cole talked about Vince and HHH still being in the building. It's 11 and there are still two angles to go. On the upside, they involve Ryback and Steph talking, so they should at least be amusing. Vince and HHH had their wacky meeting - VINCE WAS ALL UP IN HIS STUFF! And Christ can Steph yell. She must break glass during an orgasm. Vince wants more out of HHH than a match with Axel - kid's good, BUT NOT THAT GOOD. So he then gives him a match with Axel, and HHH doesn't want it, but now Vince wants it. Now that Axel's in the IC Title picture, HHH doesn't want to face him. Steph wants a hug, they did an angry group hug and this was basically a longer version of that "I LOVE YOU, POPS!" deal. They've done a marvelous job of cutting HHH's balls off over the past couple of years and this kept that trend going.

Cena came out for the deal, and then Ryback came out IN HIS PERSONAL AMBULANCE that he needs for kicking ass. I really wish they'd just have had Ryback win a straight-up ambulance match since it's a great gimmick for him and separates him from Goldberg. They should've kept going with it after the Maddox deal where it started. Cena then insulted Ryback for being a moron while Ryback said he deserved to be WWE Champion, which was hilarious. Then Cena had "jokes". He also said that Ryback was just making excuses for his failures - which is true. He's failed a lot. Cena went way too far with him leaving as WWE Champion, so I think they may actually do a title change. EIGHT MONTHS AGO, CENA GAVE HIM HIS SPOT, BUT IN 6 DAYS, RYBACK TAKES HIS SPOT. It's 11:12 and all of this wackiness was done to just set up that line. Oh, and Payback will be a bitch too. Also, Ryback charged Cena but got low-bridged - looking like an idiot before a big wacky brawl broke out.

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