Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TNA Slammiversary XI

King's indy-riffic gear is terrible. UX was okay, but was more amusing for the post-match with the guy in a Captain America shirt and a Cena US Spinner. Then Hogan cut a batshit crazy promo and killed the title by reminding you immediately that you can just cash in the belt for something that matters. Bizarre to see Hogan in the Mean Gene role though. Hogan announcing the 6-man like it was new while calling them all pussies was something else. The match itself was fine as long as Wes wasn't in there. It's amazing how much better Garett seems with him in there. They really should've shown the BFG '06 vid on Impact to remind you of how in shape and with it Sting was in TNA, as opposed to largely just reminding you of how he is - going through whatever motions he still can. Also, that was NEARLY SEVEN YEARS AGO - crazy. Bradley-Shaw was fine, but held back by Shaw. His gear made King's look major league, and Bradley has some real presence to him. Devon-Abyss was terrible, in part due to Devon not being very good in singles, and also due to Abyss being in slow motion. Loved the bird flip before the Black Hole Slam.

BFG '07 vid for Sting-Angle built up the main event nicely, and Angle's HOF as well. Great announcement - it came off as more genuine than most of WWE's. Other than Dixie standing next to him and making him look short by comparison, this was great stuff. Loved the tag title match - very surprised to see Storm do much of anything, let alone work pretty much a whole match worth of stuff. Loved BI being protected, and GunStorm using Bad Company's slingshot DDT finish for a nearfall. Aries jobbed to the Gun Rack once again - if this is his punishment for the Hemme deal, great. It's helping get over a guy and I love that name for the move. Gail-Taryn was the best women's match all year by far. Flying crossbody INTO A CHAIR was crazy. Ringpost figure 4 led to Gail doing a header into a chair. Super-sick deal there. THEN TARYN JUST THREW HERSELF ONTO THE RAMP with a tope. Holy shit. RKO off the ramp onto the floor was crazy too. Loved Todd's silly HOLY EXCREMENT deal - very CHIKARA-ish. Outstanding finish and match. They should put that on some best of the year show on Spike or something so folks can see it. The replay made the spear trip and RKO seem even crazier, even if the RKO looked a bit wonky with Gail landing on Taryn's boobs during it.

The Sting-Anderson video really should've revealed Kurt as the wacky clown man...and wow did that finish not make Sting seem like a real champion. AJ HAS A THEME THAT ISN'T LET'S GET READY TO FLY! It sounds like an Aces and 8s remix, but works for this character...sorta. I think I have the same shoes as the ref in the AJ-Angle match. The actual match was pretty good, but the finish sucked. Just a basic double leg takedown into a cradle. Very blah. Bully swearing to win with the piledriver was nice because they set up in Gail-Taryn that it's death. I liked seeing that Sting actually has his singlet on - he still looks in good shape and should just wear that instead of wearing a shirt. Bully was fleet-footed going up the ramp, but like with the ladder deal a couple of months ago, it seems like he only had to go fetch one because the company didn't have one handy. He should've just ordered the ref to get one. Didn't expect to see Sting take a powerbomb though a table, so that was a pleasant surprise. Taz passing Bully A FUCKING SWITCHBLADE seemed like a bit much...and then he just used it to slice the ring up. Odd to see them expose that a ring basically has a matress pad underneath the canvas. It did show the bare wood, which made the piledriver seem like a huge deal. Sting kicking out of that reminded me a lot of the Taker-HHH tombstone kickout. And then a bunch of dudes came down, beat Sting down, who got a bit of an edge, and had some massive welts on his back. Sting earned his contract with this one. Perfect timing with the hammer shot during the flying crossbody off the block. Bully won, Sting lost, but went out fighting and had his best world title match in quite some time here. I've thought that the best use for Sting for a while was in the TV Title role and rebuild that title, so it's kind of a shame they gave that to Abyss. This match greatly exceeded expectations, although I do wonder if they'll make a wacky TNA International World Title for Sting.

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