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SD 6-21-13

The same Payback vid from Raw opened SD. Bryan's out with his YES shirt, doing the whole YES bit again. I'm glad, because the no stuff seemed forced for the past few months. His acting offended for the match stoppage was great and tied nicely into the weak link bit. Loved him being offended by the head pat thing, and doing the yes bit even more with the Orton match announcement. Digging the RKOver It sign. "YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG, DAN!" was hilarious...and then he said "you just kept coming and coming!" And then he spoke in a way no one ever would with "You, Daniel Bryan, are way out of line.". Barrett, fresh off his loss on Raw, gets his title rematch tonight. That poor fucker. Sheamus faces 'ONE OF THE MEMBERS OF TEAM RHODES SCHOLARS" next. Why the hell they couldn't specify it for that team, I have no idea.

SD WAS 7 TIMES MORE ACTIVE THAN ANY SHOW, and Cody's the opponent because he drew a short straw ON THE APP. Cole rattled off Sheamus being a former WWE Champion, World champion, KOTR, and Rumble winner...and wow does he not seem like someone who deserves those many high accolades so early. Cody and Sheamus are just exchanging moves. More moves. Random arm work to kill some time. There's a fan in the crowd with a Wu Tang shirt on in 2013. SOMETHING EXCITING OCCURRED when Cody countered the outside-in shoulder block into a Fujiwara armbar. Well now the random arm work makes sense - good stuff. Cole called the Finlay roll a senton, which it isn't at all. White Noise was countered into a sunset flip, then into a cloverleaf for the win. Then Sandow just attacked Sheamus afterwards. I'm all for this feud continuing - it's been great for Sandow. JBL called him a future world champ, and Cole said that SOCIAL MEDIA IS CALLING THE WYATT FAMILY DISTURBING. Just play the videos and stop having Cole talk about them right now. Shockingly, that didn't lead to an ad break as they went to Axel's intro. There's no good reason he shouldn't at least be a top of the hour guy on SD given the push they've giving him. Love Heyman's "after you, my champion". This led to an ad break.

Barrett got a jobber intro, but did get a formal intro by Lilian mid-ring since it's a title match, which at least makes these seem important. Seeing Axel hold the belt up reminded me that his gear actually looks more like his dad's AWA gear than just working the singlet design into trunks. Miz has somehow watched the finish of the PPV match over and over and still has no idea what happened. Crisp clubbing elbows and punches from Axel, including the flying second rope elbow. He seems way more comfortable as IC champ than he did as sort-of-a-main-eventer. According to Miz, Vickie gave Barrett more time for the IC Title match "here on SmackBown". Please end this match so Miz will stop saying words. Barrett missed the flying elbow, and has some sort of bone visible through his skin under his arm. Ouch. Wacky neckbreaker won. They should just call it the Axe Cutter so it will have SOMETHING of a name beyond "the swinging neckbreaker.". After talking shit, Miz got in the ring to fight the guy who just had a title defense. Barrett came off as just a dude here. Recap of Henry's whooping of Cena is up next.

Sadly, they didn't do a dramatic highlight vid and instead just showed the last few minutes or so of it, which was still pretty great stuff. And then they aired two replays of it right from Raw too. I guess they figured there was no way to improve on perfection so why bother, but the replays made it seem like they shot nothing for SD and needed to fill time. AJ's booty shorts skipped down the aisle with the belt, which looks way too big for her to prepare for a match against someone. I like that AJ's shirt and the color scheme of the title kind of match. JBL likened the Kaitlyn deal to Teo in a recap vid, which also had Kaitlyn acting badly. According to JBL, Kaitlyn lost the title "because she did something very very dumb.". Well, that's true. Nattie's WHATAMANEUVER submission ruled. Kaitlyn and Layla, in a Mickie James starter kit, watched this backstage. Sleeper led to an ad breaker - second one total for the divas match segment. I loved AJ sticking her tongue out crazily throughout the sleeper.

They came back and Nattie went for an airplane spin version of Bulldog's powerslam, but got bitten, locked in the Black Widow, and sadly lost via shoe tap instead of ass tap. Aksana met with Kaitlyn and Layla in a wacky red, green, and purple dress. Aksana called her trash, a brawl broke out and then trash spilled all over. That was something. Jericho's out for his match with Alberto as the hour 1 main event. Jericho vs. THE WORLD CHAMPION should not only feel like a big deal, but also be built up in some way before it happens. Instead of that, we get a recap of Bryan-Orton from earlier tonight. Lilian still did the big intro for Ricardo, who is still in his Mexico-heavy gear with the tie and the bucket. Alberto's still got his made in America shirt on, but no car. Scarf's back. JBL made great points for why Alberto was right to do what he did on the PPV, he a face or a heel? Jericho's on a roll early on, and here is where they set up the match - with Cole saying a win could get Jericho in the world title mix. Alberto is a four-time world champion and doesn't feel anywhere near good or over enough to deserve that accolade. JBL implied that Jericho and Alberto had a bunch of matches in Mexico when both guys were down there. Nice superkick from Alberto when Jericho stepped between the ropes after a brief distraction from Ricardo. TO THE BREAK!

They came back and Jericho took an awesome over the top bump to the floor. It's amaizng to see Jericho take such needless risks on a TV match at his age.Double axe handle off the top. Jericho is largely dominating this match, which is surprising since it isn't likely he'll be in the world title mix. I like them trying to kill the Si chants by having Ricardo do it to gain support for the armbar. Armbar got countered into the walls. Liontamer on Ricardo, called that by Cole and then Dolph unloaded on Alberto. Alberto got busted up a bit over his right eye, but got a win. And then Jericho hit Dolph with the Codebreaker for costing him a possible win OVER THE WORLD CHAMP. I wouldn't mind a 3 way at the PPV. Ricardo held up the prone Dolph for the basement superkick, which had damn well better be in WWE's next game. And then Cole that Dolph lost the world title without defending it. Yup, Dolph's best five weeks were definitely the ones where he was out with an injury.

Nice recap of the pre-break happenings between the world title guys. Drew got a jobber intro, but Christian thankfully didn't. Christian still has that shitty element shirt. He's been cursed with bad shirts for years - his first one back in WWE with the shattered web look was tremendous. Drew's swinging uranage ruled, and I'm pretty sure a fan did the SU-PER DRA-GON bit after it. Jinder tried to hinder Christian, but couldn't and he won with the Killswitch. I liked Christian's promo because it was meant to draw upon his time as world champ and it seems like they'll have him in the MITB match and maybe even win it. He had pretty good chemistry with Alberto two years ago, so I don't really see a reason to not do that. Nice Shield beating on him too. Maybe they'll do Christian-Ambrose on TV or at the PPV - should be a pretty good match, and they can tell the story that Christian could add a new title to his collection.

RVD's "One of a Kind" theme is outstanding. So is the commercial for the Last of Us, which I loved a lot. A really epic Jericho-Punk video set up Punk-Jericho as a classic and Punk as a megastar. And then Brock unleashed DOOM on Raw. Heyman talked about the girls in the mani-pedi circuit gossiping about Punk, which was hilarious. Heyman scolded her for talking about private issues, and then talked about her prom date being dragged out of a limo and her breaking up with a fiance two montsh ago which was tremendous. His delivery here was gold, and Heyman came off as a psycho ex-lover talking about Punk saying "we're just best friends...". Orton came out for his match with Bryan.

Bryan started with a RUNNING FLYING KNEE and then elbows to the face and body shots in the corner, which ruled. Orton countered with mounted punches in the corner and a sick European uppercut. This may be the best Orton has looked all year. Flying knee from Orton missed and led to the kick combo and a kneebar. Headlock countered into a kneebreaker, then into a Yes lock attempt. This is the most realistic, logical match on WWE TV all year. Nice zero-fucks-given gut-first suplex on the ropes from Orton - he just flung him on the ropes. Missed dive gets an ad break. They came back with Bryan laying in some punches, so Orton just dropkicked him in the face and looked insulted that Bryan would dare punch him. This match is incredible. Superplex is avoided by Bryan, who hits a missile dropkick. I love how everything is logically leading into something else. Bryan doesn't usually do a knee breaker, but did one here because the opening was given to him, so he locked in a knee bar. Corner kick combo led to the delayed basement dropkick in the corner. Bryan's backflip combo was countered into the super-fast snap powerslam. Euro uppercut hits, but a second attempt leads to a backslide, a 2 count, and then a buzzsaw kick combo out of that. This is so much better than their Raw match was even looking like it was going to be before it ended early. Bryan went up top but got crotched, which should lead to a superplex now since he's weakened. Nice measured punch from Orton to ensure it and it hits perfectly. Draping DDT hits after that. Orton slinked into the RKO, but Bryan left. Backdrop on the railing again, but Bryan comes back and hits the flying knee off the apron. SUICIDE DIVE HITS! And it directly led to a countout win for Bryan. I'm fine with that since it's still a definitive move that won the match. Bryan, however, isn't happy with that. He won't take a count and demands a restart. Ref says no, Bryan and the crowd say yes. And then it just ended. YAY FOR RAW REMATCH! Everything about this deal was awesome.

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