Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WWE Main Event 6-26-13

Given the spoilers for the show, I just had to watch this week since it's fairly star-studded. Jericho is on MAIN EVENT! Miz is yammering about Cody on commentary last week, so I guess they'll be doing a match on this show. Miz called this WWE'S HOT SPOT. So that's why it's never covered on Raw or SD - it's too hot to handle. According to him, eye pokes also obscure your vision. Shoulder toss into the corner leads to an ad break. Cody is getting a ton of offense in, and it's largely due to that eye poke - I like them getting a lot out of a spot that would normally just be brushed off. Morrison gets a mention as Miz talks about their old Marty/Shawn arguments. Top rope moonsault block got a 2 for Cody. Nice to see him hit that. Single-armed camel clutch by Cody looks solid. Disaster Kick RIGHT TO THAT EYE according to Miz. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO YELL ABOUT EVERYTHING ON COMMENTARY. 

Miz talked about saying something once, and saying it  thousand times...which is quite true, but bringing up something as a problem and fixing the problem are two different things. Alabama Slam got 2. "It only takes one thing to start a momentum the other way". Sure thing. Cross Rhodes got a 2.999. Jericho must really like Cody, because he's stealing the show here. Codebreaker gets a very delayed cover since it was in desperation, and Cody got his foot on the rope. He then kicked out after being dragged to the center of the ring. Punch to the eye leads to a schoolboy for another 2.9 count. JERICHO GETS THE WALLS OF JERICHO AND MIZ IS YELLING ABOUT IT A LOT. Cody tapped. This was Cody's best singles match in ages. Call plug from last night/months ago aired. Christian-Ambrose was hyped, and really should've been plugged on Raw since it's got two name guys in it. Maybe this show would actually have a bit of momentum and importance to it if they actually plugged it.

RVD's hype vid from Raw aired. I can really see him popping MITB's buyrate, assuming they don't do something stupid and actually have him wrestle for free before the big PPV return like they did with HHH in '02. Zeb and Cesaro are out, and I'm not entirely sure what Cesaro's jacket color is. Zeb's talking about the SC gamecocks, and while he doesn't know what one is - Google does - IT'S A FIGHTIN CHICKEN! COCK A DOODLE DOO - WAKE UP, AMERICA! That's what Zeb wants to do. And he's against a Dublin street fight and the Fiesta Del Rio. I like him being against Del Rio still even though he's a heel. Zeb also hates annoying customer service lines who talk in Great Khalise. This is dragging on for nine hours, so thank God Cesaro is speaking. Instead of having a sense of entitlement, Cesaro has a sense of pride and did things the right way to get to the country. He works hard and stops at nothing to get to the he's a face, right? Good promo here from Cesaro. Christian-Ambrose is up next. Rock's app has an update. I wonder if it involves Jeff Hardy doing bicep curls like TNA's. 

The WWE Title MITB match is being called the All-Stars match. Ambrose is out and they replayed Christian getting his ass kicked by the Shield 12 days ago - nice for it to mean something now as opposed to...any show before this. Christian's tron shows off his silhouette shirt from a while ago and it's way better than his current one. Miz is rambling about Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and the MITB case somehow involving these things. Triple gut stomp leads to Ambrose talking trash and locking on a modified Regal stretch. Hooking clothesline from Christian led to the blind super sunset flip. This barely got going before a maybe it's a good thing they didn't hype this up. Usos are out to back up Christian. The Shield was sent packing by the Usos...well, as long as they get more than a token push for two weeks, that's not a bad thing. Punk-Heyman vid is up next, and should truncate things quite a bit. Brodus ran into the corner and DY did...something...and this somehow injured Brodus to the point where Titus could pin him. I don't know what the idea behind that was, but it sure didn't pan out like it should've. DY's fro pick matches his gear - I love little touches like that.

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