Friday, October 11, 2013

SD 10-11-13

Show-opening recap of the Show HHH KO from Raw. Vickie's deal with Alberto opens the show and she's out for a promo. Show's house now has a for sale sign and he's unemployed...despite being all over the recap video and being mentioned by name a ton here. Alberto-Cena is WHAT'S BEST FOR BUSINESS because the show is called Hell in a Cell...and their match isn't in one. Vickie ordering him to DO IT LIKE DA MEXICANS complete with Eddie shimmy was outstanding. Sandow's out to praise for Vickie for her brains. He's acting very kind here, and is opposing Alberto's morals. Seems like a face turn. Nice idea. It'd be better if they hadn't treated him like crap since he won the case. Sandow-Alberto is announced for later - might as well get people used to the idea of that being a major match. Axel-Truth is the opener. Not really much going on here. Digging the Vader-esque reverse powerbomb by Truth. Axe kick gets 2, so Axel bails, snaps the neck on the ropes and his the WHATTAMANEUVER for the win.

Los Matadores are out against Los Locales. Ricardo's face is way too recognizable. Love Cole asking how you tell the Locales apart - ONE IS IN A BODY-COVERING SINGLET AND THE OTHER HAS A 1 ON HIS BOOT AND IS IN TRUNKS. Double rack drop got the win. Torito super ranad Los Local 1, and then they did the double rack drop WITH THE BULL DOING A BOMBS AWAY. This character rules. The other HBK recap. 6-diva tag. Bella and Nattie trons got mixed up a bit for this. It's Nattie, Eva, and Kaitlyn. They're up against Brie and the't they all faces now due to the Total Divas show? Cameron did about the worst schoolgirl cradle ever. The one Austin did after being paralyzed had more force behind it. Discus lariat is now SHADES OF DADDY. Don't remember Anvil ever doing that, but whatever. Naomi won with an O Conner roll. Renee's black and deep yellow dress rules and matches Goldust perfectly. Cody THANKED THE WWE UNIVERSE FOR BEING A RHODES at the PPV. Fucking hell, this guy is doomed.

Alberto-Sandow is the top of the hour main event. There's a sign in the crowd about kids being locked in a basement. I'm shocked that's made air so many times tonight. Nice back bump dropkick in the corner from Alberto. Cole talked about Cena's healing powers, which include recovering from a broken neck much faster than usual. Because that's something that's worked so well for Angle. Alberto tried to steal the case, or use it, or something. Armbar turned into the Edge-o-Matic for 2. Corner enzuiguri missed and Alberto took a tremendous flying bump for it. Flipping Moore-style neckbreaker got 2 for Sandow. This match is finally working out well since they've got some fire behind stuff and aren't just doing a bunch of moves. Shot to the injured knee of Sandow...which was fine on Raw...set up the armbar. Fine story told here with Sandow doing really well, but they should've at least planted the seeds for this on Raw instead of just doing everything willy-nilly here.

Fine recap of Show's night from Raw. Again, TONS OF AIRTIME being devoted to this man who is supposed to be fired. If they want to use the REAL NAMES = SHOOTZ BROTHER deal, at least just call him Paul Wight throughout all this. PTPs and Khali are out. Khali attempted to do the dance holding on to both guys, but just wound up throwing DY off. Love the goof in the Bad Boy shirt doing goofy stuff on-camera. They've facing 3MB. PTPs pink gear looks pretty awesome. Khali chop got the win over Heath. Nothing match. They danced while a fan held up a RYBACK DRIVES A PRIUS sign. I demand a skit on the site with him driving it and telling THOSE BULLIES in trucks to move. Goldust and Cody are out to face the Wyatts, because why the hell not. Cody's all-black gear makes him look a bit jobber-ish. Bray's cutting a promo that finally provides some sort of context for this. Love JBL asking which side is the bizarre side.

It's mind-blowing to see Luke Harper's gear on WWE TV, and in a main event no less. Not quite as odd as Taker-Festus, but still odd. That was a damn good match too - I remember having it in FPR immediately after it happened. Rowan's giant spin kick was impressive - more impressive was Goldust's FLYING BULLDOG. So silky-smooth. Beautiful flying knee from Cody - a bit too similar to Bryan's to see it sticking around though. Booker's corner sunset flip won. I LOVE Cody taking trademark moves from guys he's had feuds with. Wyatts first lost happened an unhyped main event on the B show. This felt like a 2 hour Main Event show, but less important than that show did before. Shocked that Orton and Bryan weren't on this after being all over closing angles in recent weeks.

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