Friday, October 25, 2013

SD 10-25-13

Sweet - SD's actually recording! That means I can watch WSOF live tomorrow night. Basic Raw recap opens the show. Lots of stuff with Show, man did Raw ever come off as 3 hours of nothing here. Tonight's main event looks awesome. Cole in-ring interview with HHH starts the show...why not hype that on Raw? Love Cole saying "you saw the footage" for events HHH lived through on Raw. Steph fired some IT and tech people today. Big Show has been banished from the WWE Universe, oh, and he's irrelevant too. HHH, like EVERYONE IN THE WWE UNIVERSE, can't wait for Cena's return. WWE Title has been vacant for 6 weeks now. Sure doesn't feel like it, especially since this angle's only gone on since August. HHH and HBK have been friends for 20 years- even when they were rivals. Bryan's out to end this thank God. Great crazy face on Bryan at the end of this 13 minutes of nothing. Bryan teams with Miz and the Rhodes Bros. against the Shield and Orton - should be fun. OUTSTANDING image for the Usos' match next - wallpaper-worthy.

WWE HAS MORE FACEBOOK FANS THAN THE NFL AND MLB COMBINED! Miz is out on commentary, and active on Facebook apparently. JBL told Miz to run, and Miz asked if he ever did - JBL rightly said yup - a couple times! I forgot how terrible Miz was on commentary - he's been in WWE 8 years and haven't seen anything like what they offer come along. AWESOME over the top flip bump from Harper on a clothesline. Miz attacked Bray, then ran like a pussy. Usos win after a double superkick. Good stuff here. Love the Usos boogieing after the win. AJ and Tamina will be out next.

Nikki's giant boobs are out to face AJ. They hyped up the Bellas being on Kimmel. Stuff about Total Divas. JBL called them "The Bries". I'm not sure if Nikki's going for a flying clothesline or just falling forward. AJ won with the Black Widow. Raw's Cena vid re-airs next. This show is so by-the-numbers. Nice Cell vid though. 2K14 vid. They hyped up Hogan and Goldberg being in it. Cole hyped up Cena's history returning from horrible injuries. That's kind of odd. Bray revealed Miz being beaten up and covered in a sheep mask with "Liar" on his chest. The Wyatts left...and the camera guy didn't help him. What a dick.

Cole was so concerned with what he saw, he hyped up the Cell and talked about 3MB. Now they're talking about the Miz deal. JBL "understands zero" of this. He should try to make sense of Impact. Tremendous exchange with Cole and JBL after Cole said he's a bull in a costume. JBL didn't like the bull goring Zeb low, but still wants one for himself. Best of 9,000 series continues. Real Americans are out on the ramp. JBL said the bull's nose ring was cute. Oh boy. Cole isn't even bothering to try and say words here. Los Matadores won. The bull could have rabies. JBL is so amazing. They helped the bull do a leapfrog - so does that make it a bullfrog then? Zeb insulted "the border-hoppin ban-dee-tos!" Love the bull getting pissed off about being called a kidnapping victim. Real Americans-Matadores was made for the PPV. Zeb prepared by PUTTING UP HIS DUKES for battle. Ryback and Heyman compete in a handicap match next. For whatever reason, this local Ford ad has scanned actual money and is blurring it.

Heyman and his "big, beautiful" Ryback came down. Recap of Big E and Punk's deal with them on Raw, which I'd forgotten about - so the vid served its purpose. E pinning Axel makes me think that maybe they'll keep it on Axel, but really, just take it off the guy and give Big E's singles push a shot in the arm. He introduced CM Skunk, CLEARLY SAID AS SUCH, which Cole sold as him saying Punk. The guy's in a Punk cosplay getup with a white stripe in his hair. THIS is how you do a wacky jobber deal - take notes, TNA. Heyman got the kendo stick and an ECW chant. He's just beating the fuck out of this dude. RYBACK, FINISH HIM OFF! #heyman4mkvoiceovers. Love Heyman doing Sandman's pose with the stick. Great promo afterwards, and the touch of grey on his hair adds to the craziness perfectly.Vickie laughed maniacally at the Punk-Skunk joke, while Big E demanded to replace Miz in the main event and said he's young and hungry and deserves a shot. YES! She said that she'd run the idea by HHH, and he said he thought she was the GM of SD - and not Maddox. Fine smart babyface logic there.

Alberto's out to cut another promo. Awesome all-black suit. Alberto says Cena thinks he's Superman, but Alberto stands for truth, justice, and the Mexican way. In Mexico, THEY'RE NAMING CHILDS after him.  But he only speaks for the Mexicans of his stature. TREMENDOUS dick move there. How could they ever try to turn this man face? Alberto is carrying this feud marvelously - shame it's second-fiddle to the VINTAGE ATTITUDE ERA recreation deal. Then he told the fans to kiss his ass. This wasn't as great as last week's promo, but still good. Truth's shilling bit was interrupted by Santino. You can buy SHEEPFACES AND FAKE BEARDS. Also, basketballs - Punk's looks good. This is a brilliant way to add filler to the show and make WWEShop's numbers better. Fandango faces someone next.

It's Khali. Cole told JBL to watch their Youtube show. They showed people Fandangoing. And a kid trying it. Giant close-up of the Komen logo and more hype about them donating some of the money made from the campaign to the group. JBL said that Khali was out with "a Hornswoggle and a Nattie Neidhart.". Cole hyped up Otunga talking about the Show lawsuit - feels odd to have that added to the story in such a nothing way. Catfight broke out causing a DQ after Fandango clipped the knee and Khali took the safest bump in history - Hogan's in '11 was AJ at BFG compared to this. Main event is next.

Bryan's out, then Big E. Cody and Goldust did separate intros despite having a new mashup theme to sell. Guess they needed to kill more time on the show. Big E and Bryan in maroon is a great look. Cole reminded everyone that the Rhodes Bros. story began at the beginning of the month at Payback - their match will certainly be on the Best of the year PPV set, so yay for Goldust getting more royalties. TREMENDOUS chop series from Rollins to Big E. I demand more with these guys - so give Big E the IC Title and have he and Rollins feud over it. Tremendous stuff from Goldust here. TOP ROPE DIVE FROM CODY TO THE FLOOR. Nice. Draping DDT to Bryan. RKO countered by Big E into the flying knee - awesome finish that doesn't bode well for Bryan on the PPV. Perfect match for Big E though - easily his best overall match yet.

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