Friday, December 27, 2013

SD 12-27-13

Wyatts start off the show with a match against the Usos. Big dive from one onto Rowan a minute in. Discus lariat sets up a big Rowan splash for a quick win. Bray attacks one of them after the match. Recap of the main event on Raw, Cena's out for a promo. THIS CROWD IS GOING TO HELP THE ENTIRE WWE UNIVERSE AROUND THE WORLD RING IN THE NEW YEAR! Then he did wacky math. He wants Cena-Orton for the title TONIGHT. Bet that doesn't happen. Shield beatdown. There we go - that's more likely. WORLD'S STRONGEST SANTA for the save. Big E made a save, and Mr. Kane made three separate singles matches. Ambrose-Langston, Henry-Reigns, and Cena-Rollins. Thank God all of this stuff happened or the show would apparently have no card. Tyler Black vs. John Cena is set for WWE TV. Amazing - as was Cena's wacky face during the announcement. Batista return vid. Orton said that maybe he'll enter the Rumble to watch WM from a sky box while writing his HOF induction speech. Dolph was a dickhead to him and said he didn't deserve to be champion. Orton wanted to kick his ass, but Mr. Kane said it was a safe zone - save the violence for the ring.

Tag champs came down. Goldust's shirt being torn up doesn't quite work. I like Cody in the black and green vest and black and red gear since it fits Christmas. Cody faces Cesaro, which should at least be good. This match came about due to Goldust-Swagger on Main Event at some point. Cole knocked Zeb for using his freedom of speech to make signs. Cesaro's got the best corner punches in the business. Cody once again used Ted Jr's rebound lariat, which works shockingly well for him. Corner schoolboy gets a win for Cesaro. An anticlimactic one, but a win! Rybaxel faces the PTPs. Love seeing Titus and Ryback do big guy stuff. They talked up Titus's college days from eons ago while JBL hyped up Phi Tappa Kegga. The Titus stuff reminds me a bit of Al Bundy, but also Wahoo when they'd say he was from the University of Oklahoma in '88 when he looked no less than 55 years old. They hyped up Batista's return. D-Young won with a reversed O Conner roll that really shouldn't have won since Axel's shoulders popped up at 2.

THE FACE OF WWE gets the hour 1 main event against Dolph. JBL buried Dolph's pink hair, and as he should - he looks stupid! They brought up Dolph losing to Fandango, in case you thought Dolph even had a prayer of winning this. Orton, THE UNIFIED WORLD CHAMPION, teased a walkout spot on a guy who lost a top contender's match for the IC title. More on the pink hair. JBL's long rant about it and him simply not understanding it was something else. Dolph flew through the ropes on a shoulder-to-the-buckle spot and hit his head on the steps. This man is borderline idiotic. Dolph's jumping DDT got 2. Thumb to the eye led to an RKO - nice finish. Orton attacked him by tossing him around ringside. Draping DDT on the floor. Shield promo with Ambrose pimping the Shield's hoodie. Bryan faces Sandow. Good lord does Bryan just seem like a dude here. They did moves. Bryan did the buzzsaw kick, and then got hit with the running knee. Odd to use a KO kick as a setup move, whatever. Awesome Bray promo with him talking on the ramp with a spotlight. Bray's more than just a man - HE'S A GOD! Shield-a-thon begins! Ambrose and Big E start off the series. Bodyblock led to the straps coming down and a quick Big Ending for the win. This was okay, but a bit too short to really make you want to see another match between them. Henry-Reigns is on after the break.

They did some power spots, with Reigns nailing some nice punches between them. JYD headbutts from Henry. Henry avalanche in the corner led to a Reigns Samoan drop after a powerslam was countered. SUPERMAN PUNCH! Spear for the win - this was a good showcase for Reigns. Cena-Rollins starts off with a lot of mat wrestling. They talked up the Cena-Batista Rumble match to hype him up. Tyler Black is main eventing WWE TV against Cena. Yup, still surreal. Rollins wore him down to the point where Cena was on his hands and knees crawling to him. Nice running boot to the head of Cena as it was draped on the apron. Big DDT from Rollins gets 2. Cena reversed a whip forcing Rollins to do the HBK corner flip. Protobomb countered into the corner Flatliner for 2. Protobomb finally hits, as does the fistdrop. AA flipped out of and that leads to a second-rope Blockbuster from Rollins for another 2. Stinger splash misses into the full nelson>neckbreaker from Cena, which should just be a back suplex> neckbreaker since this looks clunky. Rollins avoids the leg slice by knocking Cena off the ropes. Dragon DDT gets 2.5. Cena did a floatover flip into a Batista bomb for 2! Holy shit that ruled. Not sure how wise it is to set up Batista's finisher as only getting 2 on a TV main event though. Cena tried to pull Rollins's legs off the ropes, but he flips up and kicks him for another 2. This match has been better than anything on the last couple of PPVs. STF locked in, but Rollins makes the ropes. It all breaks down with the guys on the floor though, and Cena rolls through a dive to hit the AA for the win. Cena won, but the story here was all about Rollins's rise as a main event player.

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