Monday, December 16, 2013

TLC 2013

Shield-Punk was brilliant. Love the continued tease towards Reigns-Ambrose, likely with Reigns winning the belt from him - or just taking it off Ambrose so Reigns isn't saddled with it - unless they try to make him the undisputed secondary champ. AJ-Nattie was well-worked. Loved them acting like a grab of the hair was the biggest deal in the world. Sandow's new I>U shirt is rather terrible. Kofi and Miz, in a barber shop red-striped suit, brawling on the pre-show was shown. Big Show, a month after being the lead face, is just a dude in a 4-way tag team title match. Rey's gold and blue motif just looks weird. Ryback got beat with a schoolboy. Poor fucker. The commentators downplayed the WE THE PEOPLE response. BIGG HOSS got a 2 on Goldust. Goldust hit the rana off the top onto Cesaro. VINTAGE RIKISHI BUMP from Cesaro off the shoulder block from Show. Dive into a KO punch - Cesaro's out, but that was fun. Rey took the best bump ever for the disaster kick. Cross Rhodes beats Rey. Goofy bullshit with Brawlin Buddies. Brodus had a match with Truth. Brodus is a heel officially, and has no allies. Schoolboy beats him. Kofi in green zebra and yellow gear that's hideous faced Miz. Kofi won after throwing Miz into the exposed buckle. Sure, Miz used it, but Kofi's a bit of a dick.

Bryan-Wyatts was fun. I loved Wyatt busting out some ground and pound elbows and then finishing him off with Sister Abigail. Both handicap matches were pretty good, so while the stips led to matches that were worse than a regular TV match involving either setup of guys, at least the PPV results were decent. Cena-Orton had THE BIGGEST MATCH IN WWE HISTORY...with a one month build. I liked the spot with Cena holding a belt and being thwacked with a chair. Dude shouldn't be in a TLC match right now though, and no part of their feud...or whatever this is, requires any of these items. Cena got handcuffed to the rope, SO HE PULLED THE BOTTOM ROPE OFF, he used the as Cole called it STEEL METAL on the buckle to bonk Orton. Orton pulled him off the ladder and he hit the table, so Orton won. He's the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Eh.

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