Friday, December 13, 2013

WWE SD 12-13-13

Show opened with a recap of the awesome Raw brawl that ended that show. The stage is covered in tables, ladders, and chairs and they've got the belts hung up. So Raw wasn't the HISTORIC LAST TIME BOTH TITLES WOULD BE SEEN. Bryan came out while a Sting vs. Streak sign was shown in the background. He's facing Rowan...again...poor Bryan. They did stuff until Bray tripped Bryan and led to a DQ. Great running knee to Bray takes him out of the chair. Cody and his dopey smile team with Goldust to face the Real Americans - YAY! The Real Americans' gear and tracksuits matching perfectly is so great. Zeb doesn't approve of Mexican Santa Clauses asking for money. "I don't approve of people sneaking across our border FROM THE NORTH POLE!" Zeb rules. Nice double A spinebuster from Goldust - don't recall him doing that before. Nice shortarm clothesline from Cesaro takes Goldust out on the floor for the break. Second rope leaping blind head bonk from Goldust led to a hot tag. It's a shame that Goldust can't just team with himself, because he's great in both the Morton and Gibson roles. GOLDUST ACTUALLY GOT BOOD for preventing the swing. Cody sends the heels packing with a backdrop over the top, then hits a springboard crossbody to both of them on the floor. Cody went up top, but got pulled down into basically a Rainmaker European Uppercut for the win. I loved this. WE THE PEOPLE pledge got one frame before they went to the Champion of Champions video. That segued into a video showcasing both Orton and Cena's careers from the beginning until now. Benoit was surprisingly shown in the Orton video for the first world title win. CENA WILL TALK ABOUT THE CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS MATCH LATER!

Bad News Barrett and his stupid podium - everyone in the crowd is a loser. Henry came out to whoop Sandow, and pretty much did until Sandow left and got counted out on purpose. Hell of a build to the IC Title match. Henry threw Sandow into Big E, taking him off of the apron...which I don't think was supposed to happen since it was never mentioned and didn't lead to any annoyance from Big E. AJ and Tamina face the Bellas. Nattie's on commentary, and she's not very good. Nattie called Nikki Nicole. I'm not sure if Nikki's Tough Tatas socks are appropriate for WWE TV or not. I guess it's a bit classier than the TNA Save the Tatas shirts. Brie taps to the Black Widow, and still looks scary thin. Cena cut a nice promo about Orton being a pussy who's going to be forced to man up on Sunday. Cena saying that he wouldn't know how to react in a TLC match was odd given that Orton himself hyped up DESTROYING FOLEY IN A HARDCORE MATCH on Raw, but whatever.

Ambrose and the Shield's Slammy did commentary. The Shield graphic for the PPV is really old - Reigns still has his partial tattoo, and he's had the whole sleeve for a long time. Reigns and Rollins face the Usos. Ambrose said that them leaving on Raw was due to their passion - they're like brothers and sometimes things happen. Reigns has added Ambrose's little finger gun point - nice touch there. Ambrose put over the big toss into the Samoan Drop - I love him doing that. Big dive from an Uso to the floor off the top. These guys are such great workers. BIG SPEAR ON THA FLOOR FROM THA BIG MAN! "You can swim for a while, but when you're in the ring with the Shield, we'll take you to deep waters AND DROWN YOU!" Great stuff. BIG SPEAR gets the win. Punk cut a Shield-esque promo backstage - BELIEVE IN THE BEST IN THE WORLD. Twas fine.

Show's facing Ryback to build up the 4-way tag title match the PPV. Show and Rey face Rybaxel, and the teams in the opener. Sucks to be the Usos, and no Shield in it seems a tad odd too. This almost feels like a tag division now. Nice spinebuster from Ryback. Chokeslam gets the win. Sucks to be Ryback. Axel and his new Better Than Perfect shirt got knocked out with a 619>Punch combo. Also sucks to be Axel. Bray gave Bryan advice and sang a song that he sings before he puts all of his pets down. Alberto was going to face Kofi, but Kofi got destroyed by Miz beforehand. HHH and Cole's thing covered HHH demanding an apology from Orton. Why should Orton apologize? He was shoved into Steph. They talked and talked. Clips played from Raw. They talked, and stared. This was a waste of time.

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