Friday, December 6, 2013

WWE SD 12-6-13

Show starts off with Fandango in the ring to face Big E. Sandow's on commentary since he's now the number 1 contender. "We've been talking all night about the Slammy Awards." sure was a natural-sounding line a couple of minutes into the show. Basic match. Big E body block in the corner led to the Big Ending for the win. Sandow got in, but ran off. Orton cut a promo about what happened on Raw and perhaps not appreciating everything The Authority did for him. Daniel Bryan interrupted the bitching, HE'S ANOTHER SLAMMY NOMINEE FOR SUPERSTAR OF THE YEAR. Bryan threw himself right back into the main event mix here by saying he's just pre-occupied with the Wyatts - he still wants the WWE Title when he's done with them. Bryan wanted to face Orton tonight, and just might IF THE WWE UNIVERSE SWAYS VICKIE. Brothers Rhodes face Rybaxel, due to Main Event shenanigans. Love JBL saying things haven't gone well for Ryback lately, then Cole saying they're riding a wave of momentum after a win over Miz and Kofi. So yeah, they beat a team whose partners couldn't get along weeks before, or on Raw. Tremendous disaster kick off the announce table led to a cradle win for Axel - it was played off as a fluke, but really, NOTHING damaged Cody, he just lost to a cradle clean as a sheet.

Bad News Barrett and his goofy, fake-looking podium cut a promo about the people being cowardly sheep. He's got great delivery, fantastic facial expressions, and still has nothing to work with due to this presentation. I'm not sure if this is better or worse than being an IC Champ who jobs a lot, but it's not doing him any favors. Alberto demolished Kofi to make up for the Sin Cara loss. "Nobody deserves this" - I feel the same way about most Alberto pushes. The Shield cut a promo on Punk and Reigns said it would take the baddest man in the Shield to take him out...leading to Ambrose finishing his sentence and taking the match. Roman's face turn is going perfectly right now. Cole explained Punk not having his ribs taped because the Shield already knows they're hurt so why bother. "WE MENTIONED THE SHIELD WILL BE THE PRESENTERS OF THE DOUBLE CROSS OF THE YEAR AWARD!", no, you didn't - you're just delivering exposition badly. HHH pedigreeing Bryan at Summerslam is up, so it's either that or HBK to keep this in there with the Authority. Seems odd to have Henry's attack on Cena thrown in there since he's now a face, and just became one a month ago. Nice boomerang neck snap from Ambrose. Got 2. Nice crossface chickenwing from Ambrose. Giant flying elbow from Ambrose missed. Punk turns a sleeper into the vise, but Ambrose got to the rope. Nice Fujiwara armbar from Ambrose was escaped via the rope by Punk. O Connor roll got 2 from Punk. Headlock Driver was countered into a kick and GTS for the win. This match ruled!

Renee met with Rey to talk about the undisputed title since he's been both WHC and WWE Title. Rey's promo was fairly bad, but he got over the new Champion of Champions name for the unified title holder. YAY ZEB. Bigg Hoss and Toni's tracksuits are great. Zeb said that the title wins should be taken from Rey, IF THAT IS HIS REAL NAME! Rey insulted them, and Swagger...mouthed a promo but didn't actually say anything. That was bizarre. Rey and a partner face the Real Americans - YAY REY-CESARO! Nattie beat Tamina in a nothing match with a goofy finish. Tamina missed the splash and instead of that being enough, Nattie just kinda shoved her down for the win. Big Show's teaming with Rey, who is in the most unflattering outfit ever. It's UPS brown with bright pink and yellow on the side. With the singlet look, it's terrible. I'm finally used to Rey being in a top, and the singlet top just looks weird - even if it does show off more of his tattoos. COLE REFERENCED THE GODDAMN PUKING THING AGAIN. Cesaro tagged in and hit a bodyblock on the dasher boards on Rey. Rey made the tag to Show who hit THE RUNNING BUS spear on Cesaro. Giant chokeslam led to Rey and Show doing a shoulder-topped splash for the win. Zeb's facial expressions while he knew doom was coming were tremendous.

More Bad News Barrett stuff getting over the Champion of Champions name. Three years ago, he was in the WWE Title picture and was a strong candidate to actually win the thing...and now he's doing this. While the winner of the match will be the Champion of Champions, HE WILL BE HUNTED LIKE A RABID WOLF! Only SuperCena can overcome such odds! Orton and Bryan got going with some moves. Kicks to the leg against the ropes were a nice bit from Bryan. Basic Bryan comeback in-ring led to the plancha. This feels like a basic house show match on TV instead of a PPV main event rematch. Wyatts distract Bryan and Orton gets the RKO. This was underwhelming. Bray cut a creepy promo about recruiting Bryan into the family.

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