Thursday, February 27, 2014

NXT Arrival

The pre-show featured some great stuff with Heyman and a fan taking a selfie, and a glorious bit with Nash resurrecting his Coach Nash character talking about inventing the 1080 moonbomb. The Emma-Paige hype vid ruled as did the pre-match interviews. The Zayn-Cesaro one was a fine recap, but was a bit too rushed. Cesaro-Zayn started the show off with Zayn in new gear with all of the nations' flags that he's competed in on it. The runthrough post DDT was countered with a European uppercut, after a few minutes of solid wrestling. REPEAT DRAGON SCREW! Haven't seen that since WWF No Mercy on the N64. Nice transition into the half-crab from Cesaro. Zayn's top rope slingblade moonsault was countered into a ... TILT A WHIRL SLAM ON THE RAMP. WOW! CORNER EXPLODER! This match rules! Blue thunder bomb gets 2 for Zayn. Regal's doing an amazing job putting over Cesaro and how Zayn SIMPLY CANNOT WIN THIS. Koji Clutch! COUNTERED INTO A STRETCH MUFFLER! GIANT SWING COUNTERED INTO A CRADLE FOR 2! Countered that into a really weird-looking swing - Zayn just kept moving. UPPERCUT! FACE DOUBLE STOMP FROM CEARO! 2!  SUPER RICOLA BOMB! NO! RANA! HELLUVA KICK IN THE CORNER GETS 2.999! Uppercut sends Zayn down - perfect Ricky Morton selling there. A THIRD UPPERCUT! Zayn = deader than dead. THIS IS SO GREAT! We're getting a standing 10 count. Holy shit. NOW HE'S TAKING THE SHOTS AND FIRING UP! ELBOWS. SNAP GERMAN! NEUTRALIZER, NO, COUNTERED INTO A CRADLE FOR 2! CODE RED! 2! ZAYN KICKS OUT AT 1! He's a "true warrior of the canvas wars!" RUNNING SPINNING UPPERCUT! NEUTRALIZER! 1-2-3...WOW. Cesaro gets the win, but I bet Zayn's got his respect now. THEY HUGGED! This ruled.

CJ Parker came out. Wacky hippy gimmick sucks. Mojo is hyped, but doesn't do things really well right now. The hyperdrive name works as a finisher - the flying ass plash being the finisher doesn't. EMMA HYPE VID. #bubblegun better trend. LOL. Wolves on jobber form. WWE bringing them in for a week was brilliant - now they've got their developmental tag champs in video form beating the TNA World Tag champs. Granted, that means nothing really, but it's kinda funny. They've got a whole line of NXT merch on WWE Shop now - great thing overall since the folks can get royalty payments and still be on NXT. THE ASCENSION IS LIKE THE LEGION OF DOOM. The fuck they are. "DO YOU REALIZE HOW FOOLISH I FEEL SAYING SEXAY!?" Regal is great. And Scotty is now bald. Wow. That is...definitely a finish. Not feeling this act at all. The opposite corner high-low attack looks way too fake and takes too much time to setup. Great Paige promo. Paige-Emma or Dixie Saying Words...STEPH SAYING WORDS. NO! Impact Time - I'll check out hour 2 of this after TNA.

Hour 2 had some issues anyway, so I lucked out just checking out TNA instead and checking this during breaks. Love this starting with  Paige Turner countered into a backslide. Nice use of Morgan's elbows by Paige, and some fast knee strikes when Emma was draped over the ropes. Tarantula gets a Tajiri chant. Emma sandwich bodyblock in the corner gets 2.  Love Regal mocking all of the Emma-based names and saying he's been married 17 times because of his wedding cake! Xavier's out to face Tyler BUT FIRST RUSEV MUST SMASH! And he did. Love his unique assortment of kicks and throws - makes me want to make him in FPR ASAP. Lona's quite cute. This Bo video package is glorious - I wish there was a ton of NXT on the network so I could see more of it, but this video gives you a solid idea of him being a smug little shit. Steve Keirn and Larry Zbysko were shown - Larry's always looked a bit old, but now he looks old.

The yellow and black caution tape on the ladders is really cheap-looking - like something TNA would do. The NXT Title now has the new network logo on it...and while they made a new belt, they still just kept that shitty design. Love HBK being all wacky and wanting an HB-Shizzle shirt. Love the Bocahantas chant and signs. Bo's smirk is so amazing - he'd be great at the DDP motivational speaker act. VINTAGE NASH corner elbow leads to a wristlock variant of them - almost like the Bull Hammer but with the back elbow shot and not the Misawa one. I love Bo tying Adrian's arm into the ring skirt to then grab ladders and try to win this thing. Well, he would've if he hadn't focused on doing more damage. Leaning ladder spot just led to Bo hitting the ropes, thankfully. Neville took a fantastic bump off the ropes when he had his ladder tilted on him. Nice tornado DDT using the ladder from Neville. Multiple corner clotheslines from Bo! Both he and MVP used those quite well. Bulldog into the ladder was turned into a buckle toss from Neville. Flair slam off the top ON THE APRON TO NEVILLE. Ouch! BUCKLE BOMB FROM BO! Front slam on the ladder from Neville! RED ARROW ON THE LADDER! Neville climbs up and grabs the belt before Bo can make it back in. Not a great match, but pretty fun at points. The smoke effects off the ceiling are a nice way to make things seem like a big deal without spending a ton.

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