Friday, February 28, 2014

SD 2-28-14

Memorial graphic for Big Daddy V aired. Good to see them put that on here after not doing it for Raw despite even TNA having one for him on Impact over a week ago. Bryan and the Usos face the Outlaws and thanks. AJ-Cameron gets a rematch as well. Mid-life crisis Dave came down. Bootista's outfit is amazing - he looks like he's from the early 20th century, but in a tanktop and sneakers. Cole said the fans HAVEN'T BEEN KIND TO BATISTA. Nope. The fans of 2014 don't want Batista as the WWE Championship opponent of Randy Orton - they want Daniel Bryan. It's simple. Now if there was a world title and Batista was just challenging for that, sure - that'd get over just fine. Damn was Batista ever blown up on Raw. I love him saying he'll destroy anyone - he sure could. He put himself over Hogan and the Rock and knocked the lack of Attitude. Then he ripped on Daniel Bryan and they lost it. He took off his shirt to show how much better he was than "their heroes". EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM SCREAMS WWE WORLD CHAMPION. Or Wellness. Big Dave, as...Big Dave mocked people who shop at Hot Topic, and then basically said "screw you guys, I'm going home". Big Douche rules. Big Dave and his old man belly glared at Dolph. Dolph told him that he's a dinosaur...why even bother having Batista work? You just said he's old, you're bringing up that his face run isn't working - just save some money and him some wear and tear and cut him a check. Dolph, like a pussy, cheapshotted Batista and ran away. Up next, it's Henry and E against the Real Americans...yup, that'll be a match.

Big E-Cesaro was recapped. Big Mark destroyed Bigg Hoss. Cesaro countered Big E's power with a boot to the head THEN HIT THE DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX TO BIG E! It wasn't pretty, but holy shit! Blind tag off of brings Swagger in. Davey Boy powerslam from Henry. Cesaro and Big E have great chemistry together. Patriot lock, but Cesaro tags himself in off it. Crowd's chanting swing! Nope - NEUTRALIZER FOR THE WIN! This was a ton of fun. Vickie was in...I think Kane's set because his mask was in the background. Alberto was going to ask for a rematch against Batista, but by golly, he's already in one tonight. Then Sheamus came in because why not. He wants a fight with OLE BERTY FER OLD TIMES SAKE. Sheamus was a wise-ass to him and this is up next...sure why not.

Recap of the Sheamus-Christian issues. Sheamus's shirt really does look nearly identical to Frank Shamrock's logo. Sheamus is all sorts of bruised and beaten up. The black tape on Sheamus is different. Cole talked about Sheamus STEALING ALBERTO'S CAR AND FILLING IT WITH MEXICAN FOOD. And then he laughed. It was terrible then and hasn't aged well I'm sure. Dropkick sends Sheamus off the apron and here comes Christian looking kinda badass in a suit jacket, black shades and a black shirt. Christian's on commentary and doesn't care about losing friends. Clubbering! Nice superkick to the ribs from Alberto. Cloverleaf, but Christian comes in and takes Sheamus out. An Aiden English sign gets TV time. Brogue kick to thank God they had Alberto beat Batista. CHRISTIAN STOOD TALL in all this. Bryan's terrible promo against HHH on the app aired. Hogan recap is next. Show's nearly half-over and has that "it's an episode of SD..." vibe to it. They'd better do a little vid for NXT Arrival here as filler.

Hogan on the Today Show got a recap and they pimped the WWE Network on it. Lona and a podium were on stage. RUSEV CAME DOWN with his awesome theme. He ascended to the gold medal position and spoke. Recap of the Shield's issues led to Ambrose screaming and saying that they were left for dead, and they need to take action against the Wyatts on Raw and show them the teeth of the hounds of justice. IT'S WYATT-HUNTIN TIME! This was fun. Time for Batista to massacre Dolph.

They hyped up Lilian on Austin's show. Odd for them to keep hyping up the Unleashed shows and not the family-friendly ones. Batista's gear just looks ridiculous. According to Cole, Dolph cheapshotting Dave is showing ATTITUDE. Well, that's better than ATTITIUDINAL! Terrible ADR from Cole talked about it being Batista's first match on SD in four years. JBL said he was a dinosaur - A T-REX! Basic suplex from Batista. Dolph's attacking the knee and yelling like a goof. KILL THIS MAN BIG DAVE. These two just don't mesh well - Dolph's too fast and Batista's pace is best...kept glacial. SPINEBUSTER. Second one.   THIRD! #shakedem ropes and #pointdemthumbs leads to the Batista bomb for the win. Recap of the Cena-Wyatts deal from Raw.

Milwaukee, WE'RE HERE. At least they're mixing this up a bit. Bray cut a promo on men who work hard just to impress a woman, while women put makeup on as a mask that society demands that they wear...well, he's at least being honest here. Whose fault is it? THE MAN WHO PLAYS THE ROLE OF HERO, JOHN CENA! Bray rules. He promised to slay the dragon and whisper into his ear that it's time for the lie to end...SHIELD! They came down with Ambrose leading the charge. HHH came down and said he couldn't allow it to happen now - he has too much money invested in them and HE NEEDS TO PROMOTE THIS MATCH. Well, I agree. On Raw, it's the rematch! And of course, everyone just agreed with Hunter and didn't fight. This really undercut Bray's promo, although it did lead to a small brawl. A good Roman Reigns chant broke out since he's the one who wanted the fight. Divas title match is next.

They showed a hype video for Cameron being all wacky on Total Divas...using her real name. So why even keep her stage name if you're going to use the real one on SD too? She was also a crazy bitch. This was a fine S1 highlight reel. They did moves and Cameron screamed a lot. Then Tamina got ejected for shoving AJ out of the way of an attack. Cam got 2 for a crossbody off the top. Grounded Black Widow gets the win. Brock-Taker recap is next. "In Time" was used again to hype up a Taker match AND IT'S PERFECT! This included some of the stunning post-show shots of Taker on-stage and was great. The SD panel offered up some more filler. "Brock Lesnar is the man, IT DON'T MATTER IF IT'S HHH OR FRANK MIR!" Booker rules. Everyone picked SD, so now it's up to WWE to show that Brock can demolish him.

6-man tag is up. It's basically just getting going in-ring at 9:50, so it won't be given much time. Buncha nothing happens until a break, where they pimp the network. They talked about HHH cancelling the Cole interview to talk about NXT, which got no hype on this show. JBL said that HHH can't do everything given the network launch, but he could damn sure commentate. Kane's gear should be easy to make. JBL talked about Ryder-Taker at WM...I now need to do that match in the WM mode. Hell, if I could have Virgil beat him, Ryder should be able to. There's also a match going on too, although you'd never know it based on the commentary. Road Dogg is so great in this run - in TNA, he was decent at times, but he's crazy-motivated now and moves around so much better than expected. Double Uso dive to Kane and Dogg, while Bryan kicked out of the fameasser at 2. Running knee gets the win. I love how that got over instantly as a main event finisher.

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