Friday, February 21, 2014

SD 2-21-14

Christian faces Sheamus and the Rhodes Bros. and Rey face the Wyatts! Should be fun! Bryan's starting against Swagger. JBL put over the EC PPV as being Swagger's event to win, as he won the Chamber match last year and could win the IC Title match on Sunday. Nice running knee to the gut by Bryan to Swagger. "The Chamber is hard enough to go into at 100%, LET ALONE DINGED UP LIKE BRYAN IS!" NO, HE'S BEEN DINGED UP! Maybe "you dinged up" can become a chant. Nice press slam from Swagger into the post - ditto the hammerlock belly to belly! Bryan hit the knee and got the win after a superplex counter. Then Vickie came down to make Bryan-Cesaro RIGHT NOW. YAY! Well, after the break. Less yay.

They hyped up Cesaro doing more damage to Bryan's shoulder setting things up really well for the Chamber. They plugged Zeb on Austin's podcast - it's now "Coulter". REVERSE CALF BRANDING TO THE SHOULDER. Awesome! Double stamp with a hammerlock. It is so weird to hear Cole put Bryan over as a fighting babyface after he buried him for years. Distraction from Zeb led to a Cesaro kick to the arm, before the ref chucked Zeb and Jack out. And that's the ad break spot. Dashing corner uppercut from Cesaro. ON THE APP, Swagger and Big E got into a brawl around a plastic dumpster. Nine million rep giant swing led to some great lines from JBL. Very European uppercut got 2. Another dashing uppercut, now to the shoulder, leading to hooks to it. Flash knee strike! Kane hit a chokeslam to end this. Kane then announced that Bryan won via DQ due to outside interference. 1/4 of the show has now involved Daniel Bryan. Neutralizer from Cesaro out of nowhere! Renee, in a cute black and yellow dress, met with "The Dangerous" Christian. Christian insulted the sloths at home eating chips, and if he wants ONE MORE MATCH, he needs to do things himself. He said he'd be WWE World champion IF IT'S THE LAST THING HE EVER DID IN WWE. So he'll be losing a title-career match at some point.

Bella network ad aired. Cole talked about what an amazing value the WWE Network is. Shield-Wyatts is now being called THE ARMAGEDDON! That's what they should've named a War Games-style Chamber match. Recap of their deal from Raw. Wyatts came down for their match. But first, Bray cut a promo. The Shield are nothing but dominoes in a line, and once they fall, the rest will follow. EC Kickoff match was mentioned. Lots and lots of filler here. Rey's got Iron Man gear on and is taking a clubbering from Harper. Nice fallaway slam by Rowan to Goldust. CODE RED to Harper by Goldust! Great running rana to Harper from Rey, which led to the 619 being countered with a big boot for 2. Sliding D to the back of Rey by Rowan. Crazy bearhug by Rowan looks sweet. Rey escaped Bray thanks to a drop toehold, which brought in Rowan until Goldust got in thanks to a hot tag. AA spinebuster! Blind dive bodypress! Kneeling uppercut sets up the 619! Powerslam got 2! Running rana off the apron led to Harper doing the Joe swinging bomb to the barricade! Goldust hit the kneeling bulldog on Rowan and tried to shatter his dreams, but Bray's bodyblock prevented that. Sheamus said he accidentally kicked Christian last week, BUT THIS WEEK, IT'LL BE ON PURPOSE. What a dick. Emma and Summer have a danceoff next.

Danceoff...they had this same thing for Emma's debut. Emma did the "advanced shopping trolley", which was...something. Then Summer Rae demanded her BABY BOOPSEY's music be played. THE NXT UNIVERSE loves Emma's dance. Santino air-humped while her theme played. Fandango tried to seduce Emma, so she shoved him over Santino...this was stupid. Santino was embarrassed by his cobra rising up with Emma nearby. JBL buried Cole in high school, leading to the Ron black history month video. Lana hyped up THE SUPER ATHLETE Alexander Rusev! Dolph got a jobber intro against Titus. D-Young showed off his Mr. No Days Off shirt. D-Young was really boring on commentary and WISHED THE BEST FOR TITUS. JBL pointed out how stupid this was. D-Young said "ya know what" a bunch. D-Young stole Titus's whistle, allowing Dolph to steal a win. Wow, what a win for Dolph...Looking forward to seeing Titus get his revenge on D-Young on Sunday. Jimmy Uso faces Road Dogg next.

RD got a jobber intro. Cole buried JBL for saying Shield-Wyatts is a tossup. He was great here. Basic match here, with Jimmy winning after a superkick - nice to see that used as a finish. Chamber hype vid. Main event time. Basic stuff before the break leading to a traditional post-break chinlock from Sheamus. The over the top diving uppercut spot was countered into clubbering, which Christian fought out of leading to Sheamus smashing him into the barricade. They put over the spot...and then Cole said it just stings because it's padded. Christian removed the padding to smash up Sheamus's shoulder into the barricade structure. Missile dropkick from Christian got 2. Killswitch was countered, leading to Christian flipping out of the back suplex attempt into an uppercut. VINTAGE FLAIR TOSS by Sheamus. JBL called Christian ugly, saying if he was the face of WWE and on a truck, it would case crashes. Tornado Armbar DDT for 2. Christian's neck snap on the rope was countered with the clubbering. Tornado DDT was countered into a string of Irish Curse backbreakers. White Noise hit and got the win. Really fun match. Loved Christian closing the show with a knockdown of Sheamus off the top instead of a wacky pose.

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