Thursday, February 20, 2014

TNA Impact 2-20-14

A nice little graphic aired for Vis - surprisingly, they didn't have a photo up despite him working in TNA. The intro video focused on Magnus-Gunner. WHEN IT'S ALL YOU WANNA BE, THAT'S REAL. WHEN I GOT INTO THIS, I DIDN'T WANNA BE RICH - I WANTED TO BE A CHAMPION. Well, this was great. Then Magnus said to Dixie that "if you go down, I'm not going down with you." - so he's not down with old lady 69.  Tenay then rambled about some sort of deadline and Magnus called MVP out. MVP's dressed like a star, while the world champ looks like a fan in a jeans and t-shirt. "Nine years in jail would be nothing compared to nine minutes WITH THE CHAMP!" - good line. The deadline was for Lethal Lockdown, and I loved MVP's little banter mocking Magnus for constantly bragging about being the champion. Magnus said he'd be out of the Lockdown match so he could face Joe, leading to MVP mocking him for looking past Gunner. And then Magnus said he'd make MVP his bi-a-tch! MVP and Magnus have shockingly good chemistry together. Security held back the Wolves, barely visible for a second on-screen. MR INTENSITY GUNNER's generic theme hit and he made the save. Then the Wolves showed up, so taht security really sucked. They recapped Roode helping Dixie get her goals accomplished and getting screwed over. Then the shaky cam introduced Bobby into the building.

"YOU LITERALLY THREW ME TO THE WOLVES!" EC3 raises a valid point. Magnus's new black, white, and gold gear looks good. Joe cut a promo about how he doesn't want to wait until the PPV for a fight - HE WANTS ONE TONIGHT! YAY IT'S THE BRO-MANS! The look on Joe's face when he saw these little fuckers ruled. Nice moonsault to Joe from Zema, thankfully from a downed position. Joe pulled the Bro Mans into each other to eat Zema's dropkick leading to a big comeback. DDT/RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP COMBO - VINTAGE NOVA! Muscle buster and the choke took out Zema. This was fun. A tech guy replaced Christy's mic pack, leading to Samuel Shaw sneaking up like Solid Snake and choking him out and grabbing the mic pack. This was hilarious. Especially since he then BONKED HIM INTO A GIANT, LOUD METAL BOX. He'd get an exclamation point for that one.

Next week, it's Kurt's HOF induction. So Shaw's attempted murder didn't mean much - as Roode's just talking to Storm and they didn't cover it at all. Bobby made peace with Storm and apologized for the stuff he did to him, and loved him for the Beer Money stuff. Then the talked about how hard the business was and how much many parts of it sucked. Then they hugged - this ruled. MVP and Aries met in the yellow tape office. The X Title is so shitty it can't even sit upright. They showed the crew traveling by bus throughout the UK and talked about their sacrifices. This feels like a kayfabe-breaking bit they'd do on the Troops shows. Then Gail and Madison brawled and a street fight was started up...immediately. That was odd. This segment ended with Madison coming out.

Madison started this by jumping Gail with...a cookie sheet. That might've been funnier than the MGShaw attack. Fantastic Yakuza kick from Rayne that took Gail out to the floor. Tapa did the Andre bodyguard spot to prevent a dive from Madison, who then did a '60s Batman spot by kicking Gail while being spun around. The ref counted during the ringpost figure four - why, I have no idea. Big spear from Madison. Madison attacked Tapa, then got bonked with the belt by Gail. This was both good and bad. Gail's nose got all busted up here. They aired a little clip of Gunner in the Marines - I guess we'll get a full feature on him later. This was good, so that should be fantastic.

A Gunner hype video aired showing that he's always gone after what he wanted, and how he got into the Marines due to 9/11. This was so great - his dad cried over him getting a TNA contract, and them showing him with Flair made him seem like an even bigger deal. Holy hell - he's only 31. That was by far the best thing TNA's done all year. See, they really can make you care about someone - but like WWE, they just choose to not do that often. Roode's deal is next...

BUT FIRST, EC3's bragging about "ending Kurt's career." James and Gunner talked about the shot, and how James took full of the shot....Storm grabbed his tag title case to hold onto it as well. Bobby came down and did a retirement speech thanking the fans - getting a "please don't go" chant. He said he can't change what he's done in the past, but he can change the future... A giant NO chant broke out. Bobby thanked "each and every one of you" before Dixie came out. Dixie said "you don't get to decide when you leave - YOU HAVE A CONTRACT!". Given the Punk deal, that was quite the happy accident. "YOU'RE A WRESTLER, WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO!?" because they're all fools with no life skills, you see. YOU GET 10% OF THE COMPANY is right out of Al Bundy threatening to put his kids IN his will. She swore on a stack of Bibles...and he'll wind up with a bigger stack of bills. At least he gets to be Captain Roode. And if Dixie screws him over, he'll make her life hell!

Mr. Anderson and Christy did stuff on a phone, while Sam Shaw attacked him and kidnapped Christy. Also, some German Gut Check dude got a cameo. Bad Influence hyped up Roode and wanted to be on his team. They've got a match against THE WOLVES! Taz talked about how the Wolves would've fit into any generation - like the '80s with the Bulldogs. Tenay hyped up GAME OF ARMS, AN ARM WRESTLING SHOW on AMC. Wow. Daniels did a wacky reverse calf branding to Richards. Nice Yakuza kick from Eddie leading to the Kobashi chops in the corner, then the backpack stunner after a Sin Cara high kick for 2. Double stomp to the back from Eddie led to one to the gut from Davey for three. THIS RULED and should've been their debut match in the company.  Sam Shaw was shown grabbing Christy's arm and trying to take ring or wrist band. He tried to give "princess" a neck rub, but noticed the camera man. This angle is such crap. Wacky Magnus video is next.

An even dumber video for Willow aired. Magnus's video focused on him being a soccer star when he was young, but leaving the game because it was a team sport. They showed Magnus in a close-up and his hairline is ghastly. This wasn't all that good, but the build for Magnus-Gunner has over-delivered a ton. World title match is up next. MVP-Roode was made for next week...why next week and not the last show before the PPV, I have no idea. God, these black curtains look so cheap - at least bust out the BFG set that looked like the mid-90s WWF ones for this. Magnus's gear matching the title is a great touch. Even Taz, the heel, questioned Magnus's credibility as champion. This got a big match intro, and one guy in a Dolph shirt chanted for Gunner. I love how Magnus slowly raises the gold above his head. Also, "Magnus Rules" are now a thing. They're like Raven's Rules, but with fewer drug and thyroid problems. Tenay talked about Gunner being  TV and Tag champs before, but this being the biggest title match yet for him. Taz dissecting the psychology of being world champ is adding a lot to this - ditto it having a wrestling base. Lots of side headlocks and I love the use of the sliding hair-holding headlock escape attempt. Savage knee smash to the back from Magnus. Magnus called out goons, AND IT'S THE WOLVES AND STORM. WUT WOAH! Rampage4Real returns next week, with Rampage beating the shit out of Mayhem Miller.

They came back with suplex reversals and Magnus did a Camel Clutch. Knee to the gut from Magnus. Big flying elbow got 2. F5 teased, but it was countered by an eye rake. EC3 and the Bro Mans came down and they brawled with the faces. Big powerbomb by Gunner set up the diving headbutt. Spud tried to cost Gunner the match, so Storm ran down to make the save. Gunner bonked his head into the buckle and ton and Gunnered up. SLINGSHOT SUPLEX! Rock Bottom! Storm told Gunner to jump so he did - RIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK! This was a really fun match and probably Gunner's best singles effort yet.


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