Monday, November 17, 2014

UFC The Time is Now

Annik runs down UFC running 45 events in 2014 before Dana comes out in a purple sweater and they bring fighters out awkwardly. The first question about the announcement and Dana says that it fell through, so yeah, that's not good. I guess it could be something involving New York. Ronda came out for a red carpet, while Cormier had a LEATHER SUIT and Jon Jones had a tea cup. Conor was Conor, and God bless him for it. Tons of questions that amount to very little. Jesus Christ, I was less awkward asking for a prom date than this press conference is. "I'M VERY EXCITED FOR BACK!" YES, LET'S TALK ABOUT RUMBLE BEING UNDER SPOUSAL ABUSE CHARGES. Rumble talks, doesn't really address it and gets tons of cheers. Dana called that weird. Nick Diaz FINALLY came to life and talked shit about GSP. Then he started rambling about weight and that's ya know, the thing, you know, he can screw up. One guy asked Conor which shows he'd pay for if he was a fan, and he said AS A UFC EMPLOYEE, HE'D PAY FOR THEM ALL. Cena-level stuff there.

Now they're coming to life. Sheamus should dress like Conor - it would be a huge upgrade for his look. Nick - "I took the fight, which is more than I can say for Georges!"
Conor - "I'll take his head clean off and hold it up in Boston, or as I like to call it, Ireland 2!"
Ronda's asked who will win TUF, and she says Rose stands out, but she hasn't been watching. Wow - not even Ronda's watching the all-womens TUF. Conor says he's the most mentally-strong guy on the roster and the only one who can stand in his way if himself. A fan asks Conor if the other people he's fought will send him an apology letter. I LOVE THIS DUDE! "HE FOUGHT LIKE A PUSSY! AND NICK LENTZ? WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT NICK LENTZ!?" "Cub looks 95 years old!" These fan questions are fantastic - so much better than the journalist ones.Then a guy says DANA OWES HIM SOME DVDs and Dana says he'll burn him some. He wants a job and might've earned it. Holy shit this guy ruled! This was a clusterfuck, but so worth it in the end.

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