Thursday, November 20, 2014

WWE NXT 11-20-14

A fantastic recap of last week's title match starts the show, concluding with THAT FUCKER ADRIAN NEVILLE LYING TO HIS FRIEND! Okay, I can't stand this pixellated VQ on the PS4...and it's not even loading up properly on the Xbox One - just that never-ending white circle deal. IT'S BAYLEY is in the first match. Lynch has new gear with a camo look instead of plaid. Great bit with Riley calling her a rocker chick and Renee calling him her dad for such a wacky term. Not much to the match, sadly. Becky got her legdrops, and wow is her gear low. Anyway, shoulder charges in the corner lead to Bayley getting a corner charge, but then losing to a neck snap and a schoolgirl with the tights. Charlotte comes out to prevent a beating, and her gear and shirt clash terribly. Charlotte as a face isn't doing much for me. Lucha Dragons are next and we get a crazy-long Survivor Series video for the break.

Bayley and Charlotte are backstage and Bayley's thankful for what she did "earlier tonight", or you know, a minute ago. Bayley is warned to not face Sasha and wants a hug. Holy Jesus does Charlotte look old next to Bayley. But first, the Vaudevillains come out and talk about being patient - BUT THEY WANT THE CHAMPS NOW. Out come mini-Lucha Dragons. Oh fuck right off with this. They do squats alongside an airplane spin, tag in and out and do it again. Ugh. Slam and a neckbreaker win. This sucked, and why didn't the Lucha Dragons come out at the end to oppose this? They were the ones scheduled next, not the Vaude Villains. Zayn addresses the fans later.

Kevin Steen/Owens hype video! He's the future and he'll fight anyone. He'll also debut on 12/11/14! Baron Corbin out to kill someone - Elias Sampson. Goofy End of Days Flatliner wins. If he's so hard to talk to, how'd they find out what he calls his finisher? Bull comes out and they cross paths briefly. I like this almost being a bit like a standby match ala Mid-South. Now they're counting with Bull's match too. Flying headbutt wins. Kidd's working out for a match with Finn Balor next!

Or not. It's Kidd-Parker...fuck. They do stuff. Nice hammerlock in the ropes. Kidd gets a dragon screw in the ropes, the Moss Covered 3 Handled Credenza, and the sharpshooter wins. Total waste of Kidd here. Tyson cuts a nice promo about doing what his uncle Bret said - issue a challenge and don't wait. Next week, we get Balor-Kidd and he'll be excellently-executed - FACT! Cass and Enzo shadow box and wow does Enzo look stupid in leopard-print. Carmella's with them and yeah this wasn't much. Singalong with Enzo promo. Enzo and Cass AIN'T THE PARKER BROTHERS - NO GAMES! After a century, they got done with their promo. Dug the Parker Brothers stuff for a little while there. They're facing the Mechanics who are literally dressed like mechanics. Dawson sells a Cass punch before it's thrown. Inverted atomic drop into the big boot wins. Ascension came down and killed everyone. They cut a bad promo on Balor and Itami. THE ASCENSION! WILL RISE! AGAIN! YARGH! Regal does stuff on his computer until Sami comes in to thank him for letting him speak next.

Sami came down and said a sentence before cutting to the exact same video that opened the show - at least do something different that makes sense for what he set up. He asks Neville to come out and he does - while limping. Sami says that if he can't win the title, he has no reason for being. Sami cuts a damned passionate promo nearly breaking into tears at points about NEEDING the title. Regal comes down and tells Sami that he's worthy of a rematch. He's helped NXT take over the WWE Network, and we'll get Sami-Neville at the next Takeover show on December 11 at Takeover: Our Evolution. Sami says if he can't win, he's done. Good main event stuff here, rest of the show was largely skippable.

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