Friday, November 28, 2014

WWE SD 11-28-14

Mizdow has Big Show as their guest to start the show. Bryan interrupts and makes Ryback-Rollins and Dolph-Harper in an IC Title rematch. He then makes a battle royal for the U.S. Title and puts Show and Mizdow in it - so he rewards guys for being pricks with a U.S. Title shot. Battle royal's up and it's just an abandon ship version until Swagger backdrops Cesaro out and he gets superkicked off the apron. Merchandiser Kane handed out $30 T-shirts randomly while wearing a Daniel Bryan winter hat and scared Santino. Bray rambled for a while. Nikki beat Emma in no time and AJ came down to confront her and the heels ran. Seth-Ryback has way too much selling from Ryback. Merchandiser Kane came down for a DQ. Kane hit him with a chair to set up THE DREADED CHAIRS MATCH!

Axel and Slater Gator faced The New Day. What an ungodly horrible name for a team, which is ironic given the choir theme. Big Ending/flying DDT finish from Xavier's good, even if it is just a glorified Snapshot. Raw recap led to Renee's hair extensions interviewing Bryan. Show ass-kicking recap. Dolph-Harper is the main event. They have an okay little match that ends via countout when Dolph superkicks Harper on the floor, and then he lays him out mid-ring with a Zig Zag. Okay show, but nothing really essential beyond maybe the New Day, and I'm sure that'll get rematched on Raw.

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