Friday, November 7, 2014

WWE SD 11-7-14

NXT's going to be up later today. I've had tons of Network issues with the stream cutting out on that show, so that's been a bit of a bitch. Luckily, SD's up super-early and it's got some good-sounding stuff on it. No big video to start. Instead, the Usos-Dust Brothers cage match begins things. Goldust goes after an Uso with great punches and chops in the corner. I don't recall him doing a lot of chops, but they're quite crisp. He gets an electric chair off the top and gets 2. Follows it up with MUAY THAI KNEES. No need for a chinlock though - just tag out to prevent that. Cole spends eons putting over how NO ONE HAS EVER VIEWED A PAY PER VIEW FOR FREE and asks JBL what it's like. Every show is now like WM. Well, at least he didn't call SurSer their version of the Golden Globes. Jimmy dives onto Goldy, but they tag out instead. A superplex>splash combo hits Goldust, but does the Usos no good as Stardust hits an Oklahoma roll to win.

WWE NETWORK IS FREE FREE FREE. Raw recap. Kane says words about Team Authority vs. Team Cena and he'll face Dolph tonight, and he wants Ryback on their team. Cesaro wants to be on their team and offers up a Ryback match to prove himself. Cesaro dominates with some nice crossfaces, but he's doing way too much in there for a Ryback match to really get over. At least it's good unlike the Titus match, but while Cesaro's a good pick for a house show opponent to help Ryback along, him dominating doesn't help him on TV. Still, Ryback got the win after a second Shellshock attempt by going for a suplex and turning it into his finisher. Kane's mad.

Rose is out to face Truth. Adam Rose has grown a beard and The Bunny hops on the apron and loses to Truth via schoolboy. Rose pushes the Bunny and gets boo machine boos. Christian's out for the Peep Show. Dean comes down and talks about the past with Christian, while talking about the present with Bray. Bray says that Dean has nothing to fight for now, and has no security due to the Shield's breakup. Dean comes after him and goofy bullshit happens so Bray can appear behind him. Rusev-Sheamus clips show the U.S. Title win. AJ says stuff about the Bellas.

Nattie's out with Tyson, who brags backstage from earlier today about beating Sheamus. Summer Lay wants Kidd or something. Summer and Nattie have a by the numbers match and Nattie is distracted by Tyson telling her to go for the Sharpshooter, which she's doing and loses via schoolgirl. HHH talks about Dolph to set up the cage match. It's every Kane-Dolph match ever, but better than usual because of the cage actually being an important prop. Dolph gets hung up on the door and Kane kicks him around, but Dolph uses that distance to get closer to the cage itself and kick the door into Kane's face for the win. I hate that spot being a trope now, but at least it was used as the finish for the first time in 15 years instead of just a transition spot. Good show overall, with the opener, main event, and Cesaro-Ryback being worthwhile, yet still not feeling important.


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