Friday, November 21, 2014

WWE SmackDown 11-21-14

SD opens with a recap of Steph and HHH killing people - because lord knows they haven't been put over enough. Cole and HHH do a mid-ring bit and they reference the '80 Olympics and some cheap pops with Tennessee. HHH says he get the name the Cerebral Assassin in the Attitude Era - THE GREATEST ERA IN THE HISTORY OF THIS INDUSTRY. Why? Because Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game, that's why. At the time, the talent level was incredible - so if you thought today's era was as good, well you're blatantly wrong. He rattles off tons of names of guys who "couldn't last", but he's still here - working at Gary's Shoes. He's smarter than all of them, which is why Rock is making big movies and he made...The Chaperone. Somehow, he tied this all into him basically being the next Vince - him, and Steph too. HHH brings out the face team sans Cena and makes, here on the opening promo of the B-show, a firing stip for the PPV. Rusev faces Dolph in a pretty fun match in all honestly. Dolph, however, is the king of the jobbers here losing his IC Title on Raw and losing to the US Champ here - so he's now beneath both of the jobber belts. I like the running superkick being used as a finish here since it looks great and mixes things up.

Kane tells Cesaro that he's not a member of Team Authority, but his loyalty will be rewarded when Team Cena is fired. Kane makes Cesaro-Rowan. Dos Mizes lose to the Matadores in a nothing match with everyone else in the tag title match out there too. Dean's survival kit skit was just him getting brass knuckles as a kid, and he's now turned every limb on his body into one. Bray says a bunch of words behind bars and...yeah this doesn't do anything for me. Brie faced AJ dressed as Nikki with a stuffed ass and stuff bra. AJ Bella wins with a distraction schoolgirl. Rowan squashes Cesaro with a pumphandle backbreaker into a rack for the win - dig the new stuff from Rowan.

New Day stuff. Team Cena is all about freedom and did the Shield fist bump deal. Seth and Kane faced Ryback and Show. This was just a backdrop for a clusterfuck brawl. Heels hit finishers, HHH chairshots dudes, and then HHH pedigrees Ryback. This was just so weird with HHH not actually wrestling on his team, or maybe the team all loses at the PPV, but he reveals himself to be the final member so maybe "Team Authority" is done, but HHH wins or something. This was a huge step back and HHH regressing to his goofy-ah! promo style here was awful. So many parts of this story don't make sense. You've got HHH being hell-bent on winning, but not wrestling on the show. Meanwhile, CENA ISN'T HERE TO HELP HIS TEAM, and literally was not on this show at all.

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