Friday, November 14, 2014

WWE SD 11-14-14

A FOUR MINUTE LONG recap video of Raw airs. Steph and HHH come out for the Highlight Reel and put over the fans here as top heels. Well, at least they put SOMEONE over this week. Jericho is dressed like a hipster and has his entire lower left arm tatted up. Jericho makes a shit joke leading to the Steph-Vickie bit from five months ago. HHH yammers on and buries Jericho for being a part-timer. Jericho sings the goodbye song badly. Bray squashes Sin Cara in every match they've ever had. Bray talks for a bit before Dean runs out. Bray runs outside and Dean...doesn't follow him. Instead, Bray talks, his video airs, and that's it.

Rose and the Bunny face the tag champs. Rose wants a tag, doesn't get it, Bunny hop gets the knees and he takes Dark Matter while Stardust beats the Bunny. AFTER PINNING A BUNNY, JBL puts the champs over as the best in WWE. Rose kicks and Party Fouls the Bunny. Dolph's shitty couple of weeks get recapped in clips and at the PPV, he'll take out the Authority. Long Ryback video shows him killing dudes. Now would be the time to have him as World Champ if that was still separate or as a pushed, protected IC Champion. He says the Authority was smart to try and recruit him, but tonight, he'll go through Kane.

Dolph faces Kidd and Cesaro in an IC Title triple threat elimination match with no hype for whatever reason - glad to see this, and an elimination stip should instantly make it better. Dolph gets booted and Cesaro hits a giant tossing exploder to Kidd! Dolph gets a dropkick, but Kidd's pop-in cradle gets 2. Back and forth cradles from Kidd and Dolph get 2 each. Jumping corkscrew elbow from Dolph gets 2 on Kidd and sends us to a break. Kidd and Dolph go for a double suplex, but Cesaro suplexes them! Cesaro gets the Tiger driver while Kidd gets the springboard elbow and Cesaro gets the gutwrench and 2. JBL puts over the PPV main event as being THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE IN Survivor Series history. Yes, more important than '97 or '01! Kidd kicks Cesaro into Dolph, locking him in a tree of woe, leading to a Kidd dropkick. Kidd gets suplexed by Cesaro.

Dolph gets 2 off a crossbody. Back to back Stinger splashes from Dolph, who follows up with a Nova neckbreaker/DDT combo for 2. Tower of Doom from Kidd, who countered a Cesaro superplex into a sunset bomb to Cesaro while he suplexed Dolph. That was a cluster, but fun to watch. Kidd gets the Sharpshooter to Cesaro, who COVERS DOLPH WHILE HE'S IN IT, and he even hooks the leg. Way to kill the move, but it was a new spot. Cesaro kicks out of the Sharpshooter and hits an uppercut of death and a tilt a whirl to Kidd for 2. Yet another break. Kidd gets a blockbuster sending Cesaro's back into Dolph's knees. Kidd gets the sharpshooter on Dolph! Cesaro gets a crossface on at the same time!

Kidd breaks it up to stomp on Cesaro, leading to THE SWING! Dolph gets the big DDT and 2! Famouser's turned into a hot shot, Kidd kick, Cesaro German and 2! If this exact match was on the PPV, everyone's stock would be rising exponentially. Kidd gets the pin off of the Zig Zag, leading to Kidd-Dolph in the finals for the IC Title. Kidd gets a baseball slide headscissors into the steps and eats a barricade too. Running punt kick from Kidd on the barricade! Kidd's spinning fisherman is countered, but finally hits for 2! Kidd flies right into a superkick ala Shelton AND IT GETS 2! Crowd's going crazy with claps after that. Kidd gets the Sharpshooter once ago, but Dolph counters, gets the Zig Zag and wins! This was a shade short of a classic, but was easily Kidd's best match in WWE and Dolph's best as IC Champion.

Nattie beats Layla in a fine little match. Dean brawls with Bray, who hits TWO Sister Abigails on the wall. Ryback and Kane have an overly-long, boring match that ends in a DQ thanks to a chair, which Ryback turns against Kane and then he stares down HHH. What the Hell, make Ryback-HHH for the Rumble or WM. Preferably the former, as it would be a fresh match, but isn't quite a dream match.


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