Monday, December 1, 2014

WWE Network Exclusive - Stone Cold Podcast With Vince McMahon

Austin asks Vince how the Network's doing. "It's doing good, we've got a 97% level satisfaction rate!" They're hoping to get the UK Network stuff situated by the first of the year. Austin asks him if he's in touch and he says he just got done watching sports entertainment/pro wrestling. Vince says pro wrestling is what his dad did. Vince praises Bray tonight and says he liked tonight's show - SEE, HE'S IN TOUCH! Vince puts over the crew who allows the company to do shows like the podcast live and how the performers may go without sleep, but they deliver the best they can every week. Austin says segment 1 is usually too long, and Vince says yeah, sometimes that happens. However, you have to have a hook - so just having two guys out there wrestling doesn't mean much. "You got TNA, the other guys, but with the big leagues - this is it!" Austin says that the locker room is walking on egg shells because there's nowhere else to go. Vince says they're all too young - THEY'RE MILLENNIALS! It's amazing how they're just not mentioning Punk here. Vince is just rambling on and Vince is breathing really heavy.

Austin tells him you need more roster depth. Vince basically says that Austin had it all, but while they're looking for guys like that, they just haven't found him yet. Austin says that he and Vince were backstage at a show and he heard a great pop at MSG and Vince said "yeah, I hope he gets over!". It's the audience's fault guys aren't over now. Austin puts over Cesaro as being strong with a great work ethic. Vince said he doesn't have the charisma or verbal skills. IT COULD BE DUE TO HIM BEING SWISS. The audience needs to care. Well, they did in April. Then he got booked to shit and they didn't. Austin says that Cesaro was getting over  as a face, but then thrown into a heel group with Heyman and then he got lost in the shuffle. Vince says there's something missing, but he can't predict if he'll get "it" or not.
Austin says they used to book shows with he and Pat at Vince's pool and now they've got a ton of writers on staff. Vince says that the company grew and so they had to change with the times. Boy has he mastered his execu-speak. Vince talks about shoving Dusty and Nick Bockwinkel in his pool. Well, that's random. Then Shane pushed him into it one day and he didn't like it very much. "So, WHERE'S SHANE!?" Hahaha. He went "to Japan", or China, and how things have evolved from it being a family business with Shane and Lina being out of the company. He says he wants Shane and Stephanie to do what they wanted. He tells a story about Shane wanting a raise and then he left WWE to become a mason and double his wage as a brick-layer.

Vince talks about a guy named Ray who held his dad up for a raise. Vince played with his quarters and said "I'm not gonna give you a raise" and the guy left. Vince is sitting in a cloak room and he was so proud of his dad for telling the guy to take off, so he made Vince Jr. the announcer.Vince Sr. made Arnold Skaaland his assistant for this as a rib since he was supposed to help him, but he just gave yes/no responses.

Vince apologized to Punk for legal issues. He says that he hopes he and Punk can do business again since he's had issues with talent before. He had issues with Austin, Hogan, and Warrior and did business again. Austin plugs the Art of Wrestling show with Colt. Austin talks about leaving due to the last-minute deal with Brock and that pissed him off. Network goes all wonky for me and when it gets back, he apologizes for leaving then because he did it in the worst way possible. Vince asks how great an athlete he was and they have a good chuckle. Jim Ross built the bridge for Austin to come back and how there's no guy now to do that. Vince says that Punk has a lack of communication skills and he's a loner. Austin says that he's the same way. Austin is basically putting Punk over as a guy on his level in a lot of little ways here. Vince says that lawyers are to blame here, and Austin is really heavily implying that Punk will come back one day after cooling down. Austin says when he came back, he was fined 650K and he hoped it would be lowered to 125K. Vince says that when you leave, you're not just leaving the company - you're leaving the fans too.
Even if you're not happy with "your spot", like WM, that can happen. Vince says that Austin's different from Punk since Austin's willing to dance, but Punk isn't. Vince says he can sometimes be shy, and Austin says that's BS. Vince says he's uncomfortable with a few people, and he really discovered that during the Linda campaigns. This is amazing. Austin talks about apologizing to Taker when he came back and put him over for having a great run. Austin's delivering a hell of a eulogy for Taker's career. Austin asks why the Streak had to end. Vince says that no one wants to give back more than The Undertaker, Mark Calaway. Vince says that who, at the time, could be put over by Taker. Brock was the absolute perfect choice given the time. Other than Vince implying Brock NEEDED the win to become a star, this was great. Vince says he made the right call at the right time and BROCK COULDN'T HAVE BEEN HOTTER.

Austin talks about Brock leaving to try football and doing MMA. Why can't we have Brock on TV more? Vince says it's because Brock's a special attraction. Vince says it's like Jake with the Snake - when the snake was occasional, it was special, but when it was a regular deal, it wasn't special. Vince said they signed Brock to a contract with X number of dates and that's it. Austin asks if Savage is going into the HOF, and Vince says it will be soon.
Austin asks about Sting. Vince puts over Sting being special due to his character being better off in short doses. "I wouldn't be surprised to see him at WrestleMania." Austin says he was special, but on TV every week. AUSTIN ASKS TO TALK ABOUT THE MONDAY NIGHT WARS OH GOD NO. Vince and Ted have different ideas - Ted wanted to tear WWE down, but WWE JUST WANTED TO HELP THEMSELVES! Austin asks if buying WCW shot WWE in the foot, and with all due to respect to TNA, they're not big. Vince goes with the bullshit of them competing with ALL OF TV! Vince tells some weird story about guys in WCW not wanting to travel to TV on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Austin asks about the '80s expansion. He wanted to start by buying the AWA from Verne. Vince appreciated Verne hearing the offer, and that he turned it down, but he had A PAIR OF GRAPEFRUITS AND NO MONEY! Vince says that Kansas City had tons of money, but they never invested in the product. Vince got money and put it back in the company. Austin asks about how you'll get more guys. He mentions FCW and then corrects it to NXT. Vince says THAT'S THE ONLY PLACE WE'RE GETTING TALENT FROM. Vince puts over Watts as being street smart. Vince didn't want to compete with Bill but did, and then Bill sold to Crockett. Crockett wasn't the brightest branch on the tree and went out of business as a result. Vince talks about how they're competing with TV, social media, and any kind of live event.

Austin asks if there's heat between Vince and JR, and Vince says that Jim was very unprofessional in LA. Oh lord. Yes, Ric Flair being unprofessional was Jim's fault. Vince says that Jim wanted to leave blanking blanking CT and go to Oklahoma.  "Jim really paid his dues with me" - understatement of the fucking century. Vince says that you can't succeed in WWE while half-assing it. Austin says that Vince said that Vince's character was basically how Vince saw himself. Vince says that Steve's a redneck, while Vince was one in his youth and he grew up in a trailer park. "I understand the common man - that's the way I am." Vince goes into his spiel about how they have to have "something for everyone." He goes on and on about how he's not better than anyone and he can't stand people with a superiority complex. Austin says they've got a minute left, and they're going to do a bit more for Austin's podcast. Vince says that since he owns the network, they'll go long.

Austin says that Vince is the least coordinated guy in history. Austin says that Vince wanted to be a wrestler, and Vince denies it so fine "you wanted to be a WWE Superstar!". Vince says that he didn't do both because his dead said he couldn't. But it was always his dream. Austin says that Vince didn't see stardom in him, but he eventually got it. Vince and Austin talk about Vince getting all sorts of fucked up on the St. Valentine's bump where he had tons of bleeding in his legs due to the landing. Austin talks about doing the WM 13 match around the one year mark in the company and not wanting to ruffle feathers. He was shocked it was a submission match since he just learned about it on TV. He credits Bret with coming up with the finish and if he didn't feel confident in pitching it, he'd do it. Austin puts over Chicago. As Punk said, Chicago has always been a great WWE Universe City. Austin asks how Vince felt about the blood in a no-color era. Vince says that he might've been pissed, BUT since the audience loved it, it was fine. So that's how he justifies the Brock-Cena bloodshed to stockholders. Austin asks how fans can let Vince know if what they're doing is working. Austin talks about shine spots, and Austin talks about short attention spans ruling the day now. Vince says no one talks now, they text or Tweet. Vince says that you can just listen to the fans in the crowd to find out. Vince puts over social media too. Austin asks Vince when he'll retire - he says he loves the business now and he works as many hours now as he always has. He doesn't think he's lost a step mentally or physically, AND HE HASN'T LOST A STEP. They end the show with Steve's theme.

This was fascinating, and the only lull was the regular well-tred topics like the Wars and their feud. Otherwise, you go a much bigger glimpse into Vince's personality here than every before. They should do these things quarterly, and maybe do one with HHH too since he really should have a chance to learn while getting raked over some coals too.

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