Wednesday, December 24, 2014

WWF The Main Event February 3, 1989

 This is being done for episode 14 of the Wayback Playback, and it sets up the Mega Powers exploding. We get the Mega Powers vs. Twin Towers here. Show starts with a feud recap, then JESSE IS ON-SCREEN WITH A LIME GREEN BOA! Twin Towers are backstage and Akeem is dancing. Akeem's earning a paycheck doing this dance - good for him. Fans are dancing with Akeem here, which is hilarious. Mega Powers video gets generic music. Superstars of Wrestling goes unblurred here. This is the fat Bossman phase - he lost TONS of weight within a year. LOVE IS RUNNING THROUGH THE MEGA POWERS, AND LOVE IS GONNA TEAR DOWN THE TWIN TOWERS! LOVE WILL LEAD THE MEGA POWERS TO VICTORY! Savage really makes the matching gear work for him by going with a high-quality robe and the like. Pat talks about Randy preventing Liz from being with the other wrestlers, and he points out that there were tons of drug addicts and given how she died, it was probably a wise move to do that. It also really explains why Savage never talked to Lex again.

They chat with Liz, which Jesse points out is stupid. Savage hops out and gets a huge pop leading to Hogan-Bossman to start. Hogan runs wild and Savage hops back in. Bossman clubs away at Hogan and then Bossman kindly bonks his own head into the buckle for eons. Savage jumps Bossman on the floor from behind. Savage and Hogan bop Akeem back and forth. Axe bomber sets up a full nelson and then a double sledge from Savage. Hogan hops off the second rope to do one - badly. Bossman gets a nice piledriver, but tags out instead of making a cover. Akeem boogies and hits a kneeling sledge that could break an egg. Bossman tries a piledriver on the ropes and gets backdropped. Big spinebuster to Hogan. Savage gets a hot tag and nails the neck snap on Akeem. Savage takes a flip bump for Slick's cane - nice! Savage gets chucked to the floor and then once again onto Liz, so I guess Savage called an audible to only do the Liz bump from the middle rope and not the top. Savage sees Hogan on Liz and he's just beyond offended. First with body language, then with words. Hogan is CHECKING FOR A HEARTBEAT after a single bump. Savage eats a beating from these giant dudes while his prick of a friend tends to his girlfriend. Hogan carries her to the EMTs, as opposed to coming to her. Hogan then carries the stretcher. Hogan kisses her hand and then pleads with the lord to save her life. ONE. BUMP. OH GOD PLEASE! OH GOD PLEASE! OH GOD PLEASE! ELIZABETH! Hogan is such a bad actor and his friend is being killed by half a ton of dudes!

Savage goes for a tag, but he can't get one since his partner's a prick. Liz awakens and is probably scared to death of this large orange being overhead. Hogan comes down and of course stands NEXT TO THE APRON and then finally gets on it. Why can't Hogan just run in for a save? He's got five seconds after all. Towers get an awkward double backbreaker. Savage makes a comeback on Bossman. SAVAGE TOSSES AKEEM OVER THE TOP! Hogan gets tagged in VIA SLAP TO THE FACE! Good for Randy - Savage ate a hell of an ass-kicking. All Hogan got was a slap! Savage leaves to check on Liz, which should be fine since that's what Hogan did. Akeem and Bossman do this goofy running double sandwich bit. Savage grabs the belt and leaves!

"I don't know what Randy's worried about - the medical area's bigger than the closets he locked Liz in!" - Ha! Hogan comes back on Akeem and gets the legdrop for the win. Bossman tries to cuff Hogan, but Hogan counters and cuffs Slick to Bossman. Liz is cracking up at Savage being all goofy backstage. YOU WERE LOOKING AT HER WITH LUST IN YER EYES! Liz's timid acting doesn't work here. BELT SHOT! GO RANDY! Randy then GRABS LIZ AND THROWS HER ON THE FLOOR. Wow. Savage attacks Beefcake.

Herc's out to face Ted DiBiase. Herc's in basic blue here, and this is the stupid slave angle. More with Hogan and Beefcake. Or not. Ted's in his goofy green and silver deal. Herc jumps in and eats a big atomic drop with a goofy sell. Virgil goes up for something and gets tossed off. Pat asks Jim to not mention Virgil or he'll start asking for $25. Pat says that in a shoot, Honky said that if were in blue, you were about done - poor Herc. Ted snapmares Herc to the floor - big bump for Herc there. Ted gets his fistdrop in and then a flying standing elbow. Pat says that if Ted needed to work a match now, he probably could. Pat talks about Ted talking to Vince about if he should get on the gas, and Vince told him there would be no point. They talk about Herc's passing and how he was apparently unrecognizable. Herc and his giant roid belly powerslam Ted and he fires up. Virgil pops the chain in the corner and the ref talks to him - but doesn't do anything with the GIANT METAL CHAIN. Ted gets bonked for 2. Torture rack. Virgil distracts and Ted wins via DISTRACTION SCHOOLBOY! Herc's a sore loser and attacks after the bell. Hulk gets an ice pack on his face after half an hour and is making weird groans. He's going through a transformation or something. Hulk storms off the gurney and leaves. Jesse, professional actor, talks with Vince about stuff and how Hogan abandoned his partner. Hogan searches for Randy. He's not behind a chair, a crate, or Jim Neidhart. He bullies Bret and Marty, and the camera guy. Well, this was fun.

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