Friday, December 12, 2014

WWE SD 12-12-14

After an exciting NXT special, it's time for SD to go through the motions. Raw recap video takes up some time. Cena and Seth blather about. Cena RUNS THIS PLACE...I'm not digging this feud at all.These don't have good chemistry, there's nothing personal about it. Mizdow's out for commentary on Cesaro/Kidd vs. Usos. Okay action - nothing great. CESARO DOES THE JOB IN A MATCH WITH TYSON KIDD. Holy hell has his stock plummeted. Miz meets with Naomi about Jimmy costing Naomi the gig. Jey tells Jimmy they have two. days. until TLC! Another long Raw recap sets up a rambling Bray promo.

Nikki's out to face someone. It's Alicia. Nikki dominates and wins with the rack attack. Nikki does it again to establish that she is in fact a heel. Slammy recap. New Day's out for Big E-Goldust. Goldust takes some good bumps for E and loses to the Big Ending. Titus-Swagger is just a showcase for Swagger. Rusev and Swagger do a staredown. AMBROSE PROMO! He's a gutter rat and when he has Bray's whole world in his hand, HE WILL CRUSH IT! Great stuff. Ryback, Dolph, and Rowan face Kane, Show, and Harper. Show and Rowan have zero chemistry. Dolph bumps around great for guys, GETS THE ZIG ZAG ON SHOW leading to a tag to Ryback and Harper respectively. Ryback wins with the Shellshock. Everyone does shit with show-appropriate props and Dolph does a ladder dive onto the heels on the floor. Twas a show.

Screens -


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