Friday, December 26, 2014

WWE SD 12-26-14

Hogan comes down and talks about his memorable SD moments with Bryan and Edge. Loved Seth saying that he grew up loving Hogan, but now, it's his ring, so Hogan should stay out of it. "DON'T YOU BROTHER ME, BROTHER!" Seth is so great. Dolph comes out and talks. Roman comes down and talks. Show comes down and is shut down by Roman. Hogan makes Reigns and Dolph against Show and Seth. Ryback wins over Kane when Rusev interferes and it's not a DQ, so he wins with the Shellshock. Ryback eats 2 Hogan-Taker '02-level chokeslams and gets put in the Accolade - so that win did him some good. Hogan tells Rusev he'll defend the title tonight! BROTHER AND SISTER! Naomi beats Alicia with a split-legged moonsault. Naomi and her hubby are happy backstage. A nine hour recap of Raw airs. Recap of Rose losing to Truth, which I've completely forgotten about from Raw. Rose beats Truth here.
 Dean is the mystery opponent for Rusev and has easily Rusev's fastest-paced match yet until Bray comes out and attacks. Jimmy Uso beats Miz after a Samoan superkick party and a Superfly dive. Goldust's dressed as Sorcerer Mickey and Stardust is saying shit - and this company couldn't get a giant ad rate increase? Astonishing. Seth and Roman start, which makes sense since Roman SWORE VENGEANCE ON SETH FOR MONTHS and all. Dolph bumps for Show. Seth bumps for Roman, and Roman beats Seth with a spear. Wow.

So yeah, I wouldn't have had Seth lose that. This was a nothing show overall, but one with some iffy booking at times. I think it was worthwhile just to see Seth and Hogan share a ring - Seth felt like a legit main event guy in there, even with his bad theme, tron, iffy shirt, Billy and Chuck logo, and wacky leather gear. Roman's slow clap at the end was amusing.

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