Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WWE Super Smackdown (not quite) Live 12-16-14

I planned to watch this live, but then I fell asleep while watching the new Lupin the Third: Castle of Cagliostro DVD, which I strongly recommend. I didn't fall asleep due to the movie, but instead had its commentary going as background noise while I rested from a ton of walking - two vet trips and one to the store. I can't believe it's taken so long for a good version to hit the web, but here we are.


Show starts with a generic SD intro and THE NEW AND IMPROVED FANDANGO against THE BIG DAWG, THE JUGGERNAUT ROMAN REIGNS! Roman tosses Fandango around, but eats a chinlock. This should not happen. Ain't gonna hurt him, but ROMAN REIGNS should not be selling anything for Fandango except maybe hurting his fist with the Superman punch. Speaking of which, that hits, spear, win. Dean-Bray recap. Dean talks about visiting the special place in Hell at TLC. Dean's FEELING PRETTY HEALTHY, so yeah, injuries are dead. Bray talks about the creature behind his eyes and being disdain and hope. Usos and Rowan faces the Mizes and Harper. What a random set of teams. They had every mid-card SD tag match ever, only Rowan won with a flying splash off the top. They keep hyping up Ryback-Seth, which doesn't seem very good. Raw is Jericho hype.
Naomi and Jimmy are happy now. Recap of Brock killing Jericho leading into him aiding Seth to beat Cena. Rusev attacks Ryback. Seth cuts a long, meandering promo before Dolph comes out and says words too - they'll be in tonight's main event. WE ARE THE DOCTORS AND IT'S TIME TO TAKE YOUR MEDICINE! Dine on danger and snack on death these sound bytes are not. Their Kratos paint isn't doing much for me either. IT'S HISTORIC EPISODE #800 OF SMACKDOWN, and it's Naomi-Nikki time. Miz comes down to the chagrin of Jimmy, Naomi's distracted and loses via cradle. Recap of the Rose-Bunny bit, then Kane re-kills Rose and the Bunny. Very odd to show the Raw attack and then basically redo it here. 
Renee met with her guest at this time Seth Rollins about the Heyman deal. Basically, the deal was made and the beatings will continue until Cena brings back the Authority. Seth-Dolph main event is up. Tom's OWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAH can fuck up. Noble attacks Dolph and they go to a break. Dolph gets sent to the floor, but he lands on his bad ribs on the announce table so Dolph gets some hope. PERFECT flying enzuiguri kick from Seth hits for 2.9! Right out of FPR there - gorgeous! Seth gets tossed on the goons on the floor, then eats a fameasser for 2. Noble cheapshots Dolph and gets thrown out. Dolph hits the Zig Zag to win! Wow - now if you're going to have the guy win, why not make it an IC Title match? I get that you don't want to dial Seth "down" to that title, but they could at least make the title seem important. This was a damned fine main event.
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