Friday, December 19, 2014

WWE NXT 12-18-14

 An outstanding R-Evolution recap airs with clips of the title matches, Balor's entrance, and Kevin Owens's debut. His attack on Zayn closes out the recap and we get new shots of shocked fans. This took up only a couple of minutes and could've aired on Raw, making a slew of stars in the process. Neville's out in his shirt and Corey thanks Tensai for being out with him to make him look better. Neville grabs the mic and some fan yells something that's hard to make out. Neville thanks Zayn for the best match of his career - crowd chants IT WAS AWESOME! He says he wishes he could introduce Sami, but he can't due to Owens. Kevin's out in his usual getup, but with workout pants instead of shorts. Neville says that Kevin was SHAMEFUL - SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU MAN! Crowd chants "shame on you". Kevin says he doesn't care what Neville thinks, he's glad to be here and he came here to become NXT Champion. He said he'd fight anyone and everyone to get there, so if Neville wants a fight, he's got one. Enzo and Cass face The Ascension later. Oh lord.
 Recap of Becky's attack on Bayley leads to her talking to Devin about her eyes being opened by Sasha. She's going to end Bayley's career - cheers! IT'S BAYLEY has a giant knee wrap. Corey hates the "giant inflatable things!" Becky came out to yet another new theme, now with an Irish soccer hooligan chant to start it off. Bayley grounds her and pounds her. Sliding D takes Becky down for 2. Becky gains control with a knee shot. Bayley comes back with some axehandles and a suplex for 2. Becky takes her down and locks on the Four-Legged Clover, basically Corey's old finish, and wins. Charlotte-Sasha recap sets up a Charlotte promo from last week, a rematch next week, and Owens-Neville being made for later.

The Vaude Villains meet with Mr. Regal, using a TABLET! Gotch was pinned despite not being the legal man. Regal offers a rematch, and mocks them for being silly. Love the wacky black and white filter on this and Regal being amused by their antics. Bull kills a dude. Corbin kills a mix of Ryder and Scotty 2 Hotty. Goombas come out for their tag match followed by the Ascension. Viktor STOs Enzo and they lose. Yikes. Guy with a fivehead says THE WAR IS NOT OVER. Neville-Owens is up next.

Neville's out followed by Owens - love the fan having a Thanks Steen Thanks shirt. Corey is so great as the logical heel supporter - Albert said that Owens waiting meant he was a coward, and Corey said he just didn't want to let Neville dictate the pace. Owens eats a dropkick on the busted nose and he goes to the floor. Kevin chops and forearms him, but eats a headscissors takedown. Owens goes out for a break. Great bodyshots by Owens leads to him saying NOTHING I DO MAKES ME SHAMEFUL! YOU WERE CHAMPION FOR A YEAR, BUT TO ME, YOU'RE A JOKE! He immediately made himself seem better than the best here. Owens gets 2 off a cover, but doesn't hook a leg. After some stomps, Albert says HE HASN'T GONE FOR ONE COVER YET. Ugh. Neville gets a huge kick and sends Owen into the corner. More kicks from Neville. Springboard missile dropkick gets 2. Owens grabs him with a hug to prevent the Red Arrow and then gets a gutbuster, senton, and 2. Neville is put up top, escapes, and then eats a draping DDT from Owens complete with a nasty RVD-ish flip sell for 2. No one in hell that was safer than a package piledriver. Pop-off German leads to a dive to the floor from Neville!  Neville eats a hotshot into the post for a double countout - fine deal there since you can't be either guy. This was a nice, long match that made each guy look good. Kevin's pissed that it's over, and Corey's upset that he's still out there since he'll just cause chaos - and he does with the apron powerbomb! Within a week, Steen is already a hated heel FROM ANOTHER HEEL. Awesome!


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