Friday, December 5, 2014

WWE SD 12-5-14

Show starts with Santino in his office. While I expect him to be annoying as hell here, he got his academy plugged in the background and got his daughter on-air in a photo - so good for him. A long recap of Raw's crap happened. Harper and Dolph have an IC Title match. Dolph gets the superkick and Harper loses via low blow front kick that Dolph takes a great bump for. They tease a Ligerbomb on the ladder, but Dolph turns it into a facebuster to set up a ladder match at TLC. Ex-Authority comes out for a promo. Seth hates Christmas. Show beats up stairs and they ramble for a while about shit until making TONGIHT'S MAIN EVENT - Rowan and Ryback vs. Set and Show.

THE NEW DAY FACES CESARO AND KIDD! Woods and Kofi are up. Demolition decapitation with a double footstomp wins for TND. Woods cuts a slightly militant promo about not being held back and then Kofi cut a fine promo on the Dusts. Then Big E channeled the minister from Coming to America for his promo about THE POWA OF THE NEW DAY! Naomi gets flowers and Jimmy tosses them on the ground.

Ambrose-Rusev is just a backdrop for a Bray-Dean brawl. Bray does the Taker chair to the throat bit and takes him out on the DREADED STAIRS! Dean's carried away and now it's Jimmy-Miz. Mizdow distracts, Finale wins. Naomi beats Brie thanks to a distraction schoolgirl and AJ's help. Rowan and Ryback face Show and Seth next. Tom talks about Big Red Rowan accomplishing a lot outside of WWE. They just do stuff until Kane kills tons of time, gets thrown out and Cole says "KANE'S JUST ANOTHER SUPERSTAR!" Rollins tags out, ref doesn't see it due to Kane, and then Ryback beats Seth. Good God this was a nothing show.

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