Saturday, May 16, 2015

TNA Impact 5-15-15 Rundown

The show begins with a vague video package about Hardcore War before Kurt and EY cut an annoying back and forth promo. EY will team with the BDC against Kurt, The Rising, and Lashley in something called Hardcore War. I have zero problems with Brooke stretching backstage. Fun little match with her and Rebel facing Marti and Jade. Heels win and swear more vengeance on Gail. Anderson-Tyrus wasn't much, but the announcer banter let us know that Brodus Clay was Tyrus's WWE name due to Tyrus coaching Snoop's son. BBQ Pitmasters brawl between Abyss and Magnus was a thing.

Wolves vs. Dirty Heels was quite good, but hurt by the commentary focusing on stats and not the action. I dug Gail running wild against the whole Dollhouse and then the entire Robbie E-Jessie thing was great. They started it with each guy feeling a bit like a geek, but by the end of it, Jessie was a violent jerk and Robbie was a sympathetic babyface who got three fair wins in a row. Hardcore War was a fun cluster of a match. For literally the third time in four months, they've tried to rebuild EY as as a serious main event-level heel and tonight, they did it having him beat a man up with someone else's artificial leg.

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