Thursday, May 28, 2015

WWE SD 5-28-15

Generic SD intro starts things off. Dean talks about trying to get out of his cell and being saved by WWE's Youtube channel. A Bieber joke was met with polite applause and since he's had so much experience with the cops, he got a police escort back to the arena. Great go-home promo here. Lucha Dragons vs. CK in a tag team lumberjack match. Not much before a break beyond New Day being heelish. SDS wins thanks to Kidd being distracted. Kane and Seth said words. R-TRUTH BEATS KING BARRETT. Can WWE please stop giving him on-paper pushes? Every time they do, they kill him dead. Sheamus kicks them and that's that.

Some chick preps Lana for an interview with Renee. Pink lipstick is a fantastic look for Lana. Rusev told her to rot. Rusev-Ryback, in red and white. Of Ryback's newer bad looks, this was the least-bad. Rusev gets backdropped to the floor and seems to hurt his leg off that. Ryback gets posted twice and that's a DQ - so it's apparently 1987 in the AWA. Paige (not Knight now) vs. Naomi (not Knight now) is up. Rampaige wins after a few minutes of action.

Owens cuts a promo on Cena with Cole and says that THE REAL CHAMP IS HERE. Dean and Roman face Seth and Kane. J and J cause a DQ after everyone hits their moves and the heels leave Dean laying. Twas a show.

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