Thursday, May 7, 2015

WWE SD 5-7-15

Raw recap starts the show off making Ambrose look strong. King starts off with a promo before being insulted by King Barrett. Lawler won't say ALL HAIL KING BARRETT, so Dolph comes to save him by talking. King says that when he started off in the company, he was a jerk like Barrett, but it didn't work out for him. They have every match they've ever had before Sheamus gets involved. I'm sensing a holla holla tag in the very near future. THANKGODITSTHEMANTHATGRAVITYFORGOTTHENEWSENSATIONNEVILLE! Tag match is up and they have every TV match ever except for a neat spot with Neville diving onto Sheamus and then knocking Barrett's feet off the ropes for a schoolboy leading to a Zig Zag win.

Dean tells Renee he's looking forward to tonight's contract signing since those always go well. Harper squashes Fandango. Rowan comes down and chokeslams Fandango - so thank God, they're a team again. JUST PUT THEM WITH BRAY FOR GOD'S SAKE. Big chant for Lana, who thanks the fans, but says it angers Rusev. He sends her to the back and says he will have no mercy for Cena.

Roman says he'll bring THE BIGGEST FIGHT THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN to Payback. New Day faced Cesaro, Kidd, and Ryback. Shouldn't Ryback be a fan of their positivity? AWESOME bit here with a stereo delayed vertical suplex and then Kidd comes in and...hits a snap suplex! Big E just existing to throw around Kidd is fine by me - he has great chemistry with him. AWESOME nearfall with them doing an elbow off the shoulders bit with C/K, but with Cesaro WALKING HIM TO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING. Cesaro got a clunky tornado DDT/blockbuster on the floor to E off the barricade and Kofi got the win with a distraction finish. This was a ton of fun.

Naomi and Tamina had an inset promo with Tamina literally just repeating Naomi's lines. Emma has new heel-ish gear, which makes no sense on SD. NAOMICALLSTHATTHEREARVIEW gets the win and they double team Emma. Seth said words backstage. Los Matadores vs. Lucha Dragons in Joker green and tiger print green gear. Nice face-first rana from Kalisto gets 2. They screw up with Sin Cara going for a tope suicida through Kalisto's legs, but falling short. As this is happening, the tron shows the Matador catching him and clutching his hand to see if he's okay and the other one gets a sunset flip off the second rope to get 2. Swanton misses, but it does no damage and he gets a tilt a whirl small package for the win. Super-clunky, but interesting to see. A matador shoved down the bull.

Contract signing time. This ate up TONS of time with intros alone. Nice bit with Seth not wanting to be in the ring and Seth insulting everyone from the floor. Kane made him come into the ring. HA! Dean sets up the table in the corner to ensure chaos and he says he calls dibs on the table and throws Mercury into it, but he slides down. Dean chucked a chair at Noble and dove after Seth.  Everyone hit things and Seth did the springboard knee into the kneeling superkick to Roman to take him out. You know what, just make that kneeling superkick his finish - it looks a billion times better than that DDT.

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  1. Only 9 images were is the match card for the contract signing

  2. It's up - forgot to hit Publish last night. Had to get up super-early for work.

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