Thursday, May 14, 2015

WWE SD 5-14-15

Bray sez words about Ryback and Dean goes to the ring and exposits about stuff. Roman comes out and talks smack, and then Kane comes out and Dean is so great. THIS IS THE LAST TIME WE COULD SEE CORPORATE KANE! Sheamus-Dean is up and Dean's style works really well with his. Sheamus clubs him to prevent the dive, but a second dive attempt works. Sheamus gets bonked into the post and schoolboyed - DEAN WINS! Goons and Seth and Kane said words.

Lana read a glorious prepared statement about how she betrayed Russia and Rusev. Rusev said Cena lacked focus. Ryback faces Seth and he said that HE'S HUNGRY. Shocking. #FluffyTough Enough video ruled. Seth had an okay-ish match with Ryback, and won with two kneeling superkicks. Well, that's the next-best thing to the curb stomp. Tamina and Naomi say words. Kidd beats Kofi with a sharpshooter. Neville squashed Bo. Rosa insulted the hot dog for staring at them and Rose told him they'd pay them later. Roman vs. Kane's no holds barred match is up and Roman gets a nice diving clothesline on the floor. Chokeslam through a table off a Superman punch gets 2. That was a super-smooth spot. Roman spears him through a corner table and wins. Brawl backstage and Roman and Dean stare each other down.

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  1. Can u put up all the NXT and main event that u missed and r u going to put up NXT unstoppable

  2. I never do ME anymore since it doesn't air in the US and I'm way behind on Impact. Won't be getting around to the NXT special for a while. Impact's up.