Thursday, May 21, 2015

WWE NXT 5-20-15 - Takeover - Unstoppable

I went on an NXT marathon today after work, and boy was that a bunch of uninspired TV. I dug Balor's stuff, but the work towards Itami-Breeze-Balor didn't really do much for me. Great stuff with the women though. Balor-Breeze was an okay little TV match. It was really just a showcase for more Balor intro stuff with a cape. Emma and Dana vs. Charlotte and Bayley was nothing special. Rhyno-Corbin was boring, and Corbin won. Glad to see Alexa turn heel with Blake and Murphy - they teased this before and paid it off here. 
 Sasha vs. Becky - Becky has a whole new entrance setup with smoke and a kick-ass tron. This is yet another top-level match. Love Byron being so offended over Sasha thinking she's better than Moolah - Sasha just being anything resembling a draw puts her above Moolah. Great straightjacket choke facemash. Nice arm work too with the apron armbreaker and then a sick armbar. Becky pulling off a Backlund lift was pretty cool too. Super divorce court led to the crossface and a win - this was excellent.

Owens going from a guy wearing Cena-influenced merch to WEARING CENA MERCH TO BUILD HIS CENA MATCH is something else. Super-fun intense match here. Zayn and Owens exchanged offense and they were intense. Nice mini-crowd brawl at one point and I loved Owens getting the pop-op powerbomb on the apron. Loved Regal trying to separate Owens from Zayn with a fishhook and eating a headbutt - I guess he's cleared to do stuff again after neck surgery. SAMOA JOE MAKING HIS WWE DEBUT ruled. His theme sucks, but they got the intro right - they can just fix up the actual theme later. He gets to keep Samoa Joe for a bit, but with Socal on his shirt, Socal Joe works well too. It looks like Joe-Owens is the next Takeover main event - awesome.

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