Thursday, May 21, 2015

WWE SD 5-21-15

BIG DAWG comes out and talks. Dean says words. Kane says words. Roman tells him he beat him last week, and Dean faces Bray later. Lucha Dragons vs. CK vs. Matadores vs. Ascension - Dragons have new sleeveless shirts on. Great bit with an Ascension guy doing a tiger bomb and Xavier on commentary saying TI-GER like SF 2. Pop-up rana gets the win for Kalisto here. Dolph/Lana recap leads to Dolph talking to Renee and Lana saying she'll be watching. Dolph tells her that he knows her game - and he's fine with it. King Jobber lost to Dolph via the Zig Zag in every match they've ever had.
 Paige and Naomi exchange words, but before Paige can Rampaige Naomi, Nikki forearms her face in. Rack Attack. So basically, every woman is impossible to like on some level in WWE. Bray talked. Truth beat Stardust again. Hilarious promo with Ryback saying he has some great vegan recipes - THE BIG GUY'S QUITE THE COOK! Cena-Owens recap. Meta Powers are out Axel beats Slater with the usual Hogan comeback. Boy is he too skinny for this gimmick. Bo talks to Renee. Dean and Bray had a fun strike-heavy match before Seth came out, Roman prevented anything, and thanks to him Superman Punching Bray, Dean won with Dirty Deeds. Pretty nothing show, honestly.


  1. We're is that divas match card for elimination chamber pix

  2. Impact isn't airing in the US this week.

  3. Ok it's airing in Australia tonite so when will u put up impact